Quick Tip: Bucket Spool Up

Load your reels fast and efficiently with this tip.
Charlie Levine
Placing a spool of fishing line in a bucket of water as you reel the line onto the reel adds more friction to the line and helps you load the reel evenly and tighter. When done correctly you will have less line memory. But the crew on <i>Blue Eagle</i> showed us a simple tip to make this process a bit easier.
When fishing tournaments, you need to change out line that shows any signs of wear. To speed up the process, the boys on Blue Eagle, a 61 Viking based in Los Sueños, drilled holes in either side of the bucket. They fill the bucket with water, drop the spool in and run a wooden dowel through the holes in the bucket and through the spool. This makes it easier to apply pressure to the spool to load the reel tightly.

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