Cairns 2015 Big-Game Season

Watch highlights from the Cairns 2015 marlin season aboard Tradition.

How to Skirt a Lure

Offshore pro Capt. Tony DiGiulian demonstrates how to skirt a trolling lure.

How to Tie a Uni-to-Uni Knot

Learn how to tie this easy knot for connecting leaders to main lines.

How to Fillet a Redfish

Learn how to fillet a redfish using a Bubba Blade.

Ascension Island Grander

Lady angler challenges world record in Ascension Island with 1,305-pound blue marlin.

How to Tie a Perfection Loop

Learn how to tie this easy knot for connecting leaders to swivels and main lines.

How to Tie a Loop Knot

Learn how to tie the world's fastest Loop Knot

How to Clean a Spiny Lobster

Learn how to quickly wring and prepare a spiny lobster using a Bubba Blade.

How to Fillet a Kingfish

Learn how to quickly fillet a kingfish using a Bubba Blade

Rigging a 30-Second Mullet

Watch a pro mate rig a dredge mullet in 30 seconds.

How to Fillet a Hogfish

Learn how to quickly fillet a hogfish using a Bubba Blade

Yamaha Helm Master Quad

Watch the Yamaha Helm Master joystick controls in action.

Meet the Experts

An introduction to the Titans of Big Game Fishing panelists.

Best Time of Day to Fish

Titans of Big Game Fishing discuss the best times of day to fish offshore

Fishing the Winds in Florida

Capt. Bouncer Smith discusses the importance of wind direction and speed when fishing.

Trolling Patterns for Black Marlin

Tim Richardson discusses trolling patterns for black marlin in Australia.

Tips for Fishing New Areas

Titans of Big Game Fishing discuss things to consider when fishing new places.

Best Conditions for Florida Fishing

Titans of Big Game Fishing discuss the best conditions for Florida fishing.

Florida Dolphin, Tuna and Wahoo

Capt. Bouncer Smith offers tips for catching south Florida dolphin, tuna and wahoo.

Florida Swordfishing Tips

Capt. Bouncer Smith offers tips for catching Florida swordfish.

Moonrise When Fishing

Titans of Big Game Fishing discuss the importance of moonrise and moonset.

Best Time of Year to Fish

Titans of Big Game Fishing discuss the best times of year to fish.

Fishing with Moon Phases

Titans of Big Game Fishing discuss fishing on the full and new moons.

Keep Your Boat Running

Titans of Big Game Fishing offer tips for boat maintenance.

Slippery Octopus

Watch this octopus find an interesting escape path.

Mercury Marine Joystick Control

Mercury's joystick control takes the guesswork out of docking.

Live Chumming for Yellowfin Tuna

Bring the tuna to you with fistfuls of live bait.

Blue Marlin on Fly

Watch the Carol Libby crew battle blue marlin on fly gear.

Dominican Republic Blue Marlin

The blue marlin bite is on in the D.R.

White Marlin Chasing Squid

Video footage of lit-up white marlin chasing down squid.


Tag-A-Giant is working to understand and protect bluefin tuna.

Yamaha Helm Master

Watch the Yamaha Helm Master joystick controls in action.

Panama Tuna Frenzy

Watch the water erupt as yellowfin tuna and dolphin destroy a bait ball.

Dolphin Feeding on Weedline

Underwater footage of a lively south Florida weedline.

Raymarine Dragonfly Demo

The new Raymarine Dragonfly sounder/plotter offers CHIRP technology in a simple package.

Spearfish On Fly

Dan Stockton catches a spearfish on the fly aboard the Sea Genie.

Isla Mujeres Sailfish

Sailfish devouring a baitball off Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

St Thomas Marlin Blitz

Tag and release footage from the crew of the Marlin Prince

Slow And Steady

Control your drift with a sea anchor

Sea Genie Season Highlights

Intense blue marlin action aboard the 39 foot Rybovich "Sea Genie" in Kona

Video of the Biggest Yellowfin Tuna Ever...

Excel lands a 400lb+ Yellowfin Tuna.

Great Barrier Reef Grander

The crew of "Tradition" battles a 1,220 pound Black Marlin.

Hawaiian Style Greenstick Fishing

A proven method for catching leader-shy tuna.

Freedive Surprise

Cameron Kirkonnell encounters a massive manta ray while spearfishing for snapper

Intrepid 11 day long range fishing trip.

Shea McIntee reports back on a recent 11 day trip aboard the Intrepid.

Double San Diego Jam Knot

How to tie a double San Diego jam knot

Black Marlin Jumps in Boat

The crew aboard "Little Aubrey" gets a nasty surprise when a 600 pound Black Marin lands i

Cape Verde Blue Marlin

KJ Robinson's highlight reel from spring 2012 in Cape Verde.

Florida Flounder and Snapper- the view...

Cameron Kirkconnell dives down 75 feet on one of Florida's deepwater ledges.

Giant Bluefin on stand up gear.

Shea McIntee films CJ Floyd battling a giant bluefin tuna on stand up gear!

900# Blue Marlin on 50lb!

The crew aboard Bwana release a monster blue off Kona

Billfish Teasers

Dean Butler captures some awesome footage of billfish slashing at teasers

West Coast fishing goes off!

Shea McIntee films some wide open offshore fishing onboard the Top Gun 80.

Ocean City White Marlin

Fishing aboard Viking 70 during the 2012 White Marlin Open.

Offshore Tarpon

Footage of a Massive Tarpon School off Florida's Gulf Coast.

Big Rock Trailer

Great video put together by

Snook Habitat

Snook holding on an offshore reef

Treasure Coast Snook

Incredible underwater footage of Snook feeding on a large school of bait

Blue Marlin in Kona

Bryan Toney leaders a 600# blue in Kona