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Saltwater Fishing News

2014 Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series
The 2014 Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series kicks off in December.
Boaters Ethanol Concerns Dismissed
U.S. Court of Appeals dismisses recreational boating industry concerns about E15.
CCA Florida Says 'Yes' to Amendment 1
Amendment would set aside revenue for water and land conservation.
D.R. Billfish Triple-Header Series
Introducing a new billfish tournament series in the Dominican Republic.
Ola Wins Chivas Regal Aruba Caribbean Cup
Local team tops the standings in fifth annual tournament.

Deep Sea Fishing Features

FishTrack offers all of the tools needed to be successful in the sport of deep sea fishing. The fishing charts tool offers the latest SST and Chlorophyll images for the world's top sport fishing locations. Deep Sea fishing anglers using the fishing charts can layer bathymetry, altimetry, ocean currents and plot waypoints. Weather is crucial in deep sea fishing and FishTrack offers accurate marine wind and swell forecasts. These toolsets are complemented by an array of tutorials, destination and gear-related deep sea fishing articles to help fishermen locate and catch more fish.

Cloudfree SST - Users will see the latest cloudfree Sea Surface Temperature imagery appear as soon as they open the fishing charts tool page in one of FishTrack's supported regions. SST fishing regions.

Latest Satellite Images - After viewing the latest cloudfree composite SST image, deep sea fishing anglers may overlay and view the very latest single SST, Chlorophyll and True Color Imagery for their region.

Waypoints - Users can use the waypoint tool to measure distance, plot routes and send these deep sea fishing points to an email address, mobile phone or GPS device.

Deep Sea Fishing Articles - The photo galleries, videos, news items and in-depth articles on FishTrack help anglers fine-tune their skills and stay up to date on the latest Deep Sea fishing trends.

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SST, Chlorophyll, Currents and More

FishTrack offers coverage of many of the world's top sportfishing destinations. View the latest SST and Chlorophyll imagery, plot waypoints and receive marine weather forecasts with one tool.

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Sportfishing Features

The Elusive SoCal Blue Marlin

How Capt. Steve Lassley and Anthony Hsieh managed to catch the first blue marlin in So Cal waters in decades.

10 Tips to Winterize Your Boat

Follow these tips on how to winterize your boat for the off-season.

Fishtrack Friday: Taking It Easy

FishTrack's regular roundup of highlights from the social sphere.

Using Sounders to Find Fish

Today's electronics will help you locate fish no matter what the conditions.

Yamaha Helm Master Quad Test Drive

A photo and video tour of Yamaha's new drive system for quad-outboard boats.

South Florida Sailfish: A Success Story

Release mounts help this iconic game fish rebound to sustainable levels.

Fishing Reports

One Eye on the Hurricane

As tropical storm Ana advanced toward the Kona lee last Friday, the seas off the Kona Coast remained...

Tuna on the Hump

Today we fished a 1/2 day. We started off by catching a well full of live Pilchards. We then headed...

Virginia Beach Offshore

Oceans East crew got out again yesterday. They caught a variety of fish including several wahoos...

How To

Throwing a Cast Net

Learn how to throw a cast net to catch your own bait.

Top 10 Offshore Fly-Fishing Tips

How to find and fight big pelagic fish on fly.

How to Rig a Ballyhoo-Lure Combo

A ballyhoo pin rig paired with a skirted trolling lure is an offshore favorite.

Tutorials and Tools

Learn How to Use FishTrack

Watch this tutorial video and learn all the basic functions of FishTrack in five minutes!

Live Shark Tracking

Follow the movements of four tagged Shortfin Mako sharks!

SST Chart Widgets

Put the power of FishTrack on your site!

Marine Weather Analyses

Official Gulf Cup Forecast

Gulf Cup Official Forecast: Updated Wednesday July 2, 2014

Official Emerald Coast Blue Marlin...

Updated Friday June 20, 2014

Official Big Rock Forecast

Big Rock Official Forecast: Updated Thursday, June 12, 2014.