Saltwater Fishing News

Final Sail Set for April 25
Big payouts and big parties on tap for Final Sail in Key West.
Test the Seakeeper 3
Take a free demo ride of the Seakeeper 3 at the Palm Beach Boat Show.
Papa's Pilar Key West Distillery
Makers of Papa's Pilar Rum break ground on a distillery and brand center in Key West.
Budget Cuts will Impact Boaters
Proposed budget cuts by Trump Administration raises concern for boaters.
IGFA President to Step Down
Rob Kramer announces he will step down as president of the IGFA after a 15-year run.

Deep Sea Fishing Features

FishTrack offers all of the tools needed to be successful in the sport of deep sea fishing. The fishing charts tool offers the latest SST and Chlorophyll images for the world's top sport fishing locations. Deep Sea fishing anglers using the fishing charts can layer bathymetry, altimetry, ocean currents and plot waypoints. Weather is crucial in deep sea fishing and FishTrack offers accurate marine wind and swell forecasts. These toolsets are complemented by an array of tutorials, destination and gear-related deep sea fishing articles to help fishermen locate and catch more fish.

Cloudfree SST - Users will see the latest cloudfree Sea Surface Temperature imagery appear as soon as they open the fishing charts tool page in one of FishTrack's supported regions. SST fishing regions.

Latest Satellite Images - After viewing the latest cloudfree composite SST image, deep sea fishing anglers may overlay and view the very latest single SST, Chlorophyll and True Color Imagery for their region.

Waypoints - Users can use the waypoint tool to measure distance, plot routes and send these deep sea fishing points to an email address, mobile phone or GPS device.

Deep Sea Fishing Articles - The photo galleries, videos, news items and in-depth articles on FishTrack help anglers fine-tune their skills and stay up to date on the latest Deep Sea fishing trends.

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FishTrack offers global satellite imagery and marine weather - all in one tool. Locate temp breaks, eddies and more.
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Sportfishing Features

Targeting New England Giants

How to prepare your boat and gear for catching giant bluefin tuna.

Quick Squid Rig for Swords

In this IGFA video, Bouncer Smith shows you how to rig a squid for targeting swordfish.

Using Autopilot as a Fishing Tool

Modern autopilot systems do more than just steer you straight.

Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown:...

The official tournament forecast for the third leg of the Triple Crown from the FishTrack weather team.

Dolphin Do's and Don'ts

Ten tips to help you put more mahimahi in the fish box.

Artist of the Month: Paul McPhee

A shark-inspired artist with a rocker background.

Fishing Reports

Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - Mar....

Kona Hawaii Fishing Report – Mar. wrap-up. While March isn’t known to be a hot month for blue...

Great Sailfish Days

We have had some great days fly-fishing aboard 'Decisive'. Yesterday we released a 300 pound blue on...

Galapagos Tuna

Me and the crew with some topwater yellowfin on vertigo - Peter Santini

How To

The Knucklehead Lure

A history lesson and tutorial on how to make a classic knucklehead lure.

VIDEO: How to Make Kite Whips

Learn how to use whips instead of swivels on your kite rods.

The Versatile Snell Knot

How to use this simple knot in three different ways.

Tutorials and Tools

Learn How to Use FishTrack

Watch this tutorial video and learn all the basic functions of FishTrack in five minutes!

Live Shark Tracking

Follow the movements of four tagged Shortfin Mako sharks!

SST Chart Widgets

Put the power of FishTrack on your site!

Marine Weather Analyses

White Marlin Open Official Forecast

Updated tournament forecast from the FishTrack weather team.

Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic Marine...

Updated tournament forecast from the FishTrack weather team.

Official Gulf Cup Forecast

Gulf Cup Official Forecast: Updated Wednesday July 2, 2014