How to Fish Big Game

Video: How to Clean a Spiny Lobster

Learn the best way to wring and clean a lobster using a Bubba Blade.

How to Use Tuna Tubes

Pro tips on installing and using different types of tuna tubes.

How to Build Three Ballyhoo Drift Rigs

Fish three different adjustable stinger rigs to cover the entire water column.

How to Fish Surface Action

Know what to do when big fish blow up on the surface.

Top Teaser Tips

Expert tips to help you maximize your bridge teasers.

How to Trim Your Boat

Engine trim and trim tab systems improve performance, efficiency and ride.

How to Build a Stinger Rig

Learn how to build a stinger rig to fish live baits more effectively.

Video: How to Fillet a King Mackerel

Learn the best way to fillet a king mackerel using a Bubba Blade.

How to Rig a Double-Hook Ballyhoo

Troll the double-hook ballyhoo deep and increase your hook-up rate.

How to Rig a Split-Beak Ballyhoo

The split-beak trolling 'hoo provides plenty of action for your spread.

How to Rig a Spanish Mackerel

Learn how to rig a Spanish mackerel for offshore trolling.

Video: Rigging a 30-Second Mullet

Watch a professional deckhand rig a mullet dredge bait in 30 seconds.

Video: How to Fillet a Hogfish

Learn how to fillet a hogfish without wasting any meat.

How to Splice Hollow-Core Line

Learn how to splice a loop in hollow-core braided line.

Video: How to Build a Keel Rig

Peter Pakula shows how to make a keel rig for trolling lures.