How to Fish Big Game

How to Rig a Spanish Mackerel

Learn how to rig a Spanish mackerel for offshore trolling.

Video: Rigging a 30-Second Mullet

Watch a professional deckhand rig a mullet dredge bait in 30 seconds.

Video: How to Fillet a Hogfish

Learn how to fillet a hogfish without wasting any meat.

How to Splice Hollow-Core Line

Learn how to splice a loop in hollow-core braided line.

Video: How to Build a Keel Rig

Peter Pakula shows how to make a keel rig for trolling lures.

17 Kingfish Trolling Tips

Follow these pro tips to fine-tune your kingfish trolling spread.

How to Rig a Swimming Mullet

Use a pin rig to create the ultimate swimming dredge bait for offshore game fish.

Downrigger Tactics for Kingfish

How to set up and deploy downriggers for big king mackerel.

Video: How to Fillet Tripletail

Steve Rodger demonstrates how to properly fillet a tasty tripletail.

How to Rig a Live Goggle Eye

The best way to fish a live goggle-eye from a kite to catch south Florida sailfish.

How to Rig a High-Speed Wahoo Lure

Use a trolling head paired with a rubber skirt to create a lure that wahoo can't resist.

How to Rig Strip Baits

Learn how to build two easy strip bait rigs for offshore trolling.

How to Make Strip Baits

Learn how to prepare bonito for the perfect strip bait.

Video: How to Sharpen Hooks for Trolling...

Peter Pakula shows how to fine-tune hook points for trolling lures.

Tuna Chunking, Aussie Style

Follow these pro tips on how to chunk for tuna.