How to Fish Big Game

How to Tie the Non-Slip Loop

The Non-Slip Loop gives greater movement to lures and live baits.

How to Rig a Needlefish for Trolling

Needlefish and houndfish make excellent large baits for big fish.

Rigging a Marlin Lure Kiwi-Style

Learn how to make a proven marlin rig from a New Zealand pro.

DIY Coaming Pads

Follow these eight steps to build your own gunwale coaming pads.

The Perfect Pitch Bait

A five-step process to improve the bait and switch.

Rod Building: How to Add Decorative Trim

Step-by-step instructions for adding abalone inlay and epoxy marbling to your custom fishing rod.

How to Tie the Double Uni-Knot

The Double Uni is a handy fishing knot for joining two lines.

How To Rig Mullet for Tuna

Learn how to rig a split-tail mullet for big bluefin tuna.

How to Tie the Double Improved Clinch...

Learn to tie an improved version of this favorite fishing knot.

10 Hurricane Tips for Boaters

Key things to consider as hurricanes and storms approach.

How To Fillet Flounder

Learn how to clean a fresh-caught flatfish like a pro.

Rod Building: Install a Handle

How to install a rod seat and handle on a custom fishing rod.

How to Rig a Boneless Ballyhoo

Follow these rigging instructions for a great wahoo bait.

Rigging a Live Ballyhoo Daisy Chain

Kick your daisy chain teaser up a notch with live ballyhoo.

How to Rig a Boston Mackerel

Three ways to rig a mackerel for Northeast bluefin tuna.