How to Fish Big Game

VIDEO: DIY Wire Line Dispenser

Pick up a simple trick to keep your wire line from unraveling.

Kite-Fishing Primer

Getting started with kite fishing, from gear to bait.

Ballyhoo Sea Witch Rig

How to rig ballyhoo with a Sea Witch to target mahi and more.

New Bridle Rig

How to take a fresh approach to the age-old bait bridle.

Going Big

How to rig big baits for giant black marlin.

Video: How to Fillet a King Salmon

Learn the best way to fillet a king salmon using a Bubba Blade.

VIDEO: How to Make a Haywire Twist

Learn how to make a proper Haywire Twist without any sharp edges in wire line.

Break Point

Peter Pakula discusses hook point alignment in skirted trolling lures.

Single Hook vs Double Hooks

Is it better to run trolling lures with one hook or two?

VIDEO: How to Use Outrigger Clips

Learn how to choose and set up outrigger clips for your preferred tackle.

Mahi Belly Teaser

How to rig a mahi-belly teaser bait with a lure.

DIY Fillet Table

Follow these plans to build a simple fillet table with sink.

VIDEO: How to Tie a Palomar Knot

Learn how to tie the Palomar Knot, great for connecting leaders to terminal tackle.

VIDEO: How to Properly Crimp Mono

Learn how to crimp monofilament and keep your crimping tools corrosion-free.

How to Make a Hawaiian Bait Fly

This fly is used to catch live baits off of Hawaii and beyond.