How to Fish Big Game

VIDEO: How to Sharpen a J Hook

The five-plane sharpening system gets the job done.

VIDEO: How to Rig A Planer

Learn how to set up your planer to troll lures or baits below the surface.

The Knocker Rig

Catch more bottomfish with this simple rig.

VIDEO: Attaching a Wind-On

Learn how to properly attach a wind-on leader to your double line.

Bull Buster

Tips to locate bull redfish in the Mississippi Delta.

Surgeon's Loop

Use the Surgeon's Loop whenever you need to make a quick loop that won't slip.

Light-Tackle Lure Rigging

Learn Capt. Tim Richardson's method for rigging smaller trolling lures.

Spider Hitch

Learn how to make a quick double line with the Spider Hitch knot.

Pitch Bait Tips

Increase your hook-up ratio on marlin using the bait-and-switch.

VIDEO: O-Ring Ballyhoo Rig

Make quick bait changes with this circle hook rig.

Catching Island Yellowtail

Tips to load up on yellowtail off the So Cal islands.

Hang Tight

How to properly wire big fish.

How To Reinforce Your Dredge

Use heavy mono to reinforce and protect your dredge teaser.

Mastering Mahi

Understanding mahimahi feeding habits will improve your catch.

Video: How to Fillet a Speckled Seatrout

Learn the best way to fillet a speckled seatrout using a Bubba Blade.