How to Fish Big Game

Fusion Stereo Install

How to install a new Fusion marine stereo and speakers.

Three Ballyhoo Pin Rigs for Dredges

How to rig three different ballyhoo pin rigs to fill your dredge.

How to Build a Kingfish Stinger Rig

How to rig up a blue runner to entice big kingfish.

Rigging The Pakula Shackle Rig

How to rig a versatile hook-set that's built for big fish.

Rigging the Weedless Mullet

How to rig a weedless, swimming mullet to target mahimahi and much more.

Building a Tilefish Chain Rig

How to build a deep-drop rig for golden tilefish that keeps baits down.

Rigging the Saturday-Night Special

How to rig a crimp-free big-game trolling lure.

Building a Simple Sailfish Leader

How to make a simple live-bait leader for South Florida sailfish.

Building a Ballyhoo Teaser Rig

How to rig a durable ballyhoo that's perfect for bait-and-switch sailfishing.

Building a Deep-Drop Rig

Build an all-purpose multi-hook rig for snapper, grouper, tilefish and more.

How To Rig a Ribbonfish

Ribbonfish make an ideal slow-trolled bait for smoker king mackerel.

DIY Simple Sunglass Saver

How to build a simple lanyard out of basic rigging materials for your sunglasses.

How to Catch and Rig Live Ballyhoo

Follow these pro tips on catching and rigging live ballyhoo.

Anatomy of a Grander Catcher

Take a closer look at the lure that caught a 1,041-pound blue marlin off Kona, Hawaii.

How To Gaff a Fish

Seasoned offshore anglers offer tips to help you get a better gaff shot.