How to Fish Big Game

Sunset Swords

Understanding moon phase, moon set and the lunar cycle can improve your sword game.

Marlin Pitch Bait

This mackerel and chugger head combo rigged on a circle hook will entice marlin to bite.

Shackle Rig for Trolling

This unique, light-tackle trolling rig works well with chemically sharpened hooks.

Wahoo Steaks

Learn the best method to break down wahoo and maximize yield.

Swivel-Linked Gang Hooks

How to use a barrel swivel to build a better gang hook rig.

Tuna Belly How To

Harvesting a tuna's belly is easy and this fatty meat tastes incredible.

Toothy Critter Ballyhoo Rig

Catch more wahoo and mackerel with this ballyhoo rig.

Bimini Variations

Take a different twist when using the Bimini to create a double-line in braid or mono.

How To Rig a Squid for Swordfish

Use this simple swordfish rig to catch a big broadbill.

Make 10 Leaders At One Time

Why build one sailfish leader at a time when you can build 10?

From Ocean to Plate

This fillet didn't last long, watch how pros catch, clean and prepare fresh mahimahi.

Guatemala Circle Hook Rig

This ballyhoo rig was the first one to use a circle hook effectively.


How to make bite-proof connections so your catch won't get away.

Double Down

Rig up two downrigger clips to add some depth to your spread.

How To Make a Panama Strip

This tutorial shows you how to create a deadly strip bait from a bonito.