How to Fish Big Game

Rod Building: Install a Handle

How to install a rod seat and handle on a custom fishing rod.

How to Rig a Boneless Ballyhoo

Follow these rigging instructions for a great wahoo bait.

Rigging a Live Ballyhoo Daisy Chain

Kick your daisy chain teaser up a notch with live ballyhoo.

How to Rig a Boston Mackerel

Three ways to rig a mackerel for Northeast bluefin tuna.

O-Ring Circle Hook Ballyhoo Rig

How to rig a ballyhoo with wire and an O-ring for maximum versatility.

How to Replace a Rod Guide

Follow these step-by-step instructions to repair your fishing rod like a pro.

Go Deep with Planers

How to add a deep line to your trolling spread with a planer.

Rigging a Button-Down Bonito

This unique rig helps prevent trolled baits from coming loose.

Targeting Cero Mackerel

Florida Keys reefs come alive in winter with these speedsters.

Aussie Trolling Tips

Try these trolling tips from Down Under to increase your success offshore.

Choosing the Right Fishing Kite

Follow these tips for matching kites to wind conditions.

Finding Hot Spots in Cooling Water

Using SST charts helps find hot bites inshore.

How to Rig A Classic Mullet Strip

South Florida sailfish can't resist this traditional favorite.

Rigging an Aussie Swim Bait

Rig up a queenfish for irresistible swimming action.

How to Tie the FG Knot

This streamlined line-to-leader connection slips through rod guides with ease.