How to Fish Big Game

Video: How to Fillet a King Mackerel

Learn the best way to fillet a king mackerel using a Bubba Blade.

How to Rig a Double-Hook Ballyhoo

Troll the double-hook ballyhoo deep and increase your hook-up rate.

How to Rig a Split-Beak Ballyhoo

The split-beak trolling 'hoo provides plenty of action for your spread.

How to Rig a Spanish Mackerel

Learn how to rig a Spanish mackerel for offshore trolling.

Video: Rigging a 30-Second Mullet

Watch a professional deckhand rig a mullet dredge bait in 30 seconds.

Video: How to Fillet a Hogfish

Learn how to fillet a hogfish without wasting any meat.

How to Splice Hollow-Core Line

Learn how to splice a loop in hollow-core braided line.

Video: How to Build a Keel Rig

Peter Pakula shows how to make a keel rig for trolling lures.

17 Kingfish Trolling Tips

Follow these pro tips to fine-tune your kingfish trolling spread.

How to Rig a Swimming Mullet

Use a pin rig to create the ultimate swimming dredge bait for offshore game fish.

Downrigger Tactics for Kingfish

How to set up and deploy downriggers for big king mackerel.

Video: How to Fillet Tripletail

Steve Rodger demonstrates how to properly fillet a tasty tripletail.

How to Rig a Live Goggle Eye

The best way to fish a live goggle-eye from a kite to catch south Florida sailfish.

How to Rig a High-Speed Wahoo Lure

Use a trolling head paired with a rubber skirt to create a lure that wahoo can't resist.

How to Rig Strip Baits

Learn how to build two easy strip bait rigs for offshore trolling.