How to Fish Big Game

Rigging a Squid for Swordfish

This quick squid rig offers an irresistible meal to nighttime swords

Tying the Modified Figure-8 Knot

This knot improves on the classic Figure-8 to reducing slipping with heavy lines.

Throwing a Cast Net

Learn how to throw a cast net to catch your own bait.

Top 10 Offshore Fly-Fishing Tips

How to find and fight big pelagic fish on fly.

How to Rig a Ballyhoo-Lure Combo

A ballyhoo pin rig paired with a skirted trolling lure is an offshore favorite.

Live-Baiting Kingfish

How to rig live baits to target smoker kings.

How to Tie a Bristol Knot

The low-profile Bristol Knot provides an ideal line-to-leader connection.

Building a Bulletproof Wind-On Leader

How to rig a wind-on leader that won't let you down.

Rigging the Circle-Hook Chugger 'Hoo

How to rig a quick-change trolling ballyhoo behind a chugger.

How to Tie a Bimini Twist

The Bimini Twist is a complicated but essential knot for offshore fishing.

Rigging the 'Gotcha' Skipping Mackerel

Small Spanish mackerel are just the ticket for wahoo, big mahi and smoker kings.

Rigging a Trolling Squid

How to rig a squid trolling bait for tuna, swordfish and more.

Top White Marlin Tips

A Mid-Atlantic white marlin pro shares tournament-winning tricks.

How to Tie the Albright Special

Use the Albright Special for attaching leaders and main lines of all types.

Basic Dock Knots for Boaters

Five basic knots to tie your boat securely to the dock.