How to Fish Big Game

DIY Rod Rack

Build your own fishing rod rack for under $20.

How to Make Old Plugs New Again

Give your old, worn-out lures new life with these professional tips.

The Single Hook Cable Rig

Learn how to rig this cable hook-set for offshore trolling lures.

Live-Chumming Tactics

Learn how to elicit vicious strikes from king mackerel with live chum.

Connecting with White Seabass

So Cal expert explains how to find and catch the elusive white seabass.

So Cal's Best Fishing Ever

Looking back at the last three years and how to plan ahead.

VIDEO: Three Ways to Rig Live Shrimp

Learn how to rig live shrimp for various fishing situations.

Spreader Bar Tuna Tactics

How to use spreader bars to catch more tuna on the troll.

The Bluefin are Coming

All signs point to another epic So Cal bluefin bite, you better be prepared.

VIDEO: How to Make Strip Baits

Learn how to make your own strip baits out of a bonito fillet.

The Knucklehead Lure

A history lesson and tutorial on how to make a classic knucklehead lure.

VIDEO: How to Make Kite Whips

Learn how to use whips instead of swivels on your kite rods.

The Versatile Snell Knot

How to use this simple knot in three different ways.

How to Skirt a Trolling Lure Two Ways

Learn how to attach a lure skirt using thread or glue.

Rigging Black's Clips for Tag Lines

How to set up Black's Outrigger Clips to use on tag lines.