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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

'Tis the season for giving - and getting. Here's our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide to point you in the right direction this holiday season.

The Versatile Snell Knot

How to use this simple knot in three different ways.

The Feed

Improve your hook-up percentage with a smooth drop back.

New Bridle Rig

How to take a fresh approach to the age-old bait bridle.

Building a Simple Sailfish Leader

How to make a simple live-bait leader for South Florida sailfish.

Choosing the Right Fishing Kite

Follow these tips for matching kites to wind conditions.

The Rubber Band Hook Rig

Learn how to rig this simple and effective trolling lure setup.

Cabo Striped Marlin

Bait & Switch

Marlin Pitch Bait

This mackerel and chugger head combo rigged on a circle hook will entice marlin to bite.

Three Easy Ballyhoo Rigs

How to rig an o-ring, double hook and chugger ballyhoo.

Bimini Variations

Take a different twist when using the Bimini to create a double-line in braid or mono.

VIDEO: How to Select Ballyhoo

Look for these subtle differences when buying frozen ballyhoo.

Canyon Chunking

Tips to target tuna with chunks in the Northeast canyons.

VIDEO: How to Tie a Palomar Knot

Learn how to tie the Palomar Knot, great for connecting leaders to terminal tackle.

The Perfect Pitch Bait

A five-step process to improve the bait and switch.