How to Fish Big Game

Simple Swimming Mullet

This easy-to-rig bait will entice everything from marlin to mahi.

Hand-Crank Deep Dropping

How to hook up with mysterious fish in depths over 1,000 feet.

Low Tide Lowdown

How to fish winter's extreme low tides for redfish, trout and snook.

Skipping to Success

How to rig and fish skip baits for big marlin.

How to Fish Dropper Loops

Up your score on bottom fish with dropper loops.

Three Easy Ballyhoo Rigs

How to rig an o-ring, double hook and chugger ballyhoo.

Top 10 Fishing Knots

Learn to tie these knots and you'll be set for any fishing situation.

On the Run Again

How to prepare for the end-of-the-year run of striped bass.

Build Your Own Flashabou Skirts

How to make a lure skirt out of Flashabou.

Anatomy of a Trolling Lure

Learn the various offshore lure shapes and how to fish them.

Top-Shot Tips

Use this tried-and-true topshot technique to keep your line fresh.

Following the Offshore Signs

Look for these offshore indicators to put more fish in the boat.

Dropper Loop

This quick knot is great for bottom fishing or making your own Sabiki rigs.

VIDEO: Two-Hook Ballyhoo Rig

Learn how to rig a tandem hook ballyhoo.

VIDEO: How to Sharpen a J Hook

The five-plane sharpening system gets the job done.