How to Fish Big Game

How to Fish Ring Hooks

Using ringed hooks can help you catch more offshore.

Circle Hook Keeper Rig

This rig lets you deploy live baits quickly without a bridle or stitching.

How to Rig Weighted Ballyhoo

How to rig a chin weight to a ballyhoo to troll for marlin.

How To Rust-Proof a Trailer

Rust-proof your trailer to extend its life and save you some serious headaches.

Winterize Your Outboard

Yamaha techs show how to prep your four-cylinder outboard for winter storage.

Scoring False Albacore in the Fall

Few fish are more fun on light tackle than false albacore.

Stick It!

How to rig and use a harpoon for monster fish.

Bait Rigs for Mutton Snapper

How to rig baits to improve your mutton snapper fishing.

How to Tie a Yucatan Knot

Join braided line to a monofilament leader with the Yucatan knot.

Using BIG Baits to Target BIG Marlin

How to bridle large tuna baits to catch big black marlin off the Great Barrier Reef.

How to Rig a Wire Trace

Add a short piece of wire to prevent cutoffs from toothy game fish.

Build Your Own Poppers

How to use a common turkey baster to create a topwater popper.

How to Splice Monel and Mono

This Monel wire to mono connection won't short out.

How to Rig for Football Tuna

Follow these rigging techniques to cash in on small tunas.

Targeting Big Black Marlin with Lures

Aussie pros demonstrate how to catch grander black marlin on lures.