How to Fish Big Game

Guatemala Circle Hook Rig

This ballyhoo rig was the first one to use a circle hook effectively.

Balls-Out Mahi

Targeting lobster pot balls for mahi-mahi in the Mid-Atlantic produces hot action.

Mastering Mahi

Understanding mahimahi feeding habits will improve your catch.

Mahi Belly Teaser

How to rig a mahi-belly teaser bait with a lure.

How to Make a Snooter

The snooter helps crews handle big billfish and keep them in the water.

Working the Bait

How to target baitballs off of Australia's East Coast.

Going Big

How to rig big baits for giant black marlin.

How To Rig a Ribbonfish

Ribbonfish make an ideal slow-trolled bait for smoker king mackerel.

Suction Cup Flat Line Clip

Here's a quick way to make a suction cup flat-line clip for the transom.

Toothy Critter Ballyhoo Rig

Catch more wahoo and mackerel with this ballyhoo rig.

Deep Dropping for Marlin

This rig deploys a bait down deep to connect with black, blue and striped marlin.

Spreader Bar Tuna Tactics

How to use spreader bars to catch more tuna on the troll.

VIDEO: How to Rig A Spreader Bar

Learn how to rig up your own spreader bars to target tuna.

The Bait and Switch

Perfecting the bait and switch will increase your hook-up ratio.

The Beer Can Lure

It's amazing what you can use to get a marlin to bite.