How to Fish Big Game

Pitch Bait Tips

Increase your hook-up ratio on marlin using the bait-and-switch.

VIDEO: O-Ring Ballyhoo Rig

Make quick bait changes with this circle hook rig.

Catching Island Yellowtail

Tips to load up on yellowtail off the So Cal islands.

Hang Tight

How to properly wire big fish.

How To Reinforce Your Dredge

Use heavy mono to reinforce and protect your dredge teaser.

Mastering Mahi

Understanding mahimahi feeding habits will improve your catch.

Video: How to Fillet a Speckled Seatrout

Learn the best way to fillet a speckled seatrout using a Bubba Blade.

Garage Door Rod Holder

Get your fishing rods out of harm's way with this rod holder.

VIDEO: How to Tie a Bowline Knot

This boating knot is easy to tie and won't slip or jam.

Putting the Heat On

How to properly set your drag to stop big fish.

VIDEO: DIY Wire Line Dispenser

Pick up a simple trick to keep your wire line from unraveling.

Kite-Fishing Primer

Getting started with kite fishing, from gear to bait.

Ballyhoo Sea Witch Rig

How to rig ballyhoo with a Sea Witch to target mahi and more.

New Bridle Rig

How to take a fresh approach to the age-old bait bridle.

Going Big

How to rig big baits for giant black marlin.