How to Fish Big Game

Anatomy of a Grander Catcher

Take a closer look at the lure that caught a 1,041-pound blue marlin off Kona, Hawaii.

How To Gaff a Fish

Seasoned offshore anglers offer tips to help you get a better gaff shot.

Building a Live Bait Circle-Hook Rig

How to build a simple double-line rig for billfish that won't let go.

Five Ways to Rig Live Mullet

How to rig live mullet five different ways for a number of saltwater species.

How to Replace a Rod Grip

Step-by-step instructions on replacing a rod grip and seat.

Rigging a Squid for Swordfish

This quick squid rig offers an irresistible meal to nighttime swords

Tying the Modified Figure-8 Knot

This knot improves on the classic Figure-8 to reducing slipping with heavy lines.

Throwing a Cast Net

Learn how to throw a cast net to catch your own bait.

Top 10 Offshore Fly-Fishing Tips

How to find and fight big pelagic fish on fly.

How to Rig a Ballyhoo-Lure Combo

A ballyhoo pin rig paired with a skirted trolling lure is an offshore favorite.

Live-Baiting Kingfish

How to rig live baits to target smoker kings.

How to Tie a Bristol Knot

The low-profile Bristol Knot provides an ideal line-to-leader connection.

Building a Bulletproof Wind-On Leader

How to rig a wind-on leader that won't let you down.

Rigging the Circle-Hook Chugger 'Hoo

How to rig a quick-change trolling ballyhoo behind a chugger.

How to Tie a Bimini Twist

The Bimini Twist is a complicated but essential knot for offshore fishing.