How to Fish Big Game

How to Rig a High-Speed Wahoo Lure

Use a trolling head paired with a rubber skirt to create a lure that wahoo can't resist.

How to Rig Strip Baits

Learn how to build two easy strip bait rigs for offshore trolling.

How to Make Strip Baits

Learn how to prepare bonito for the perfect strip bait.

Video: How to Sharpen Hooks for Trolling...

Peter Pakula shows how to fine-tune hook points for trolling lures.

Tuna Chunking, Aussie Style

Follow these pro tips on how to chunk for tuna.

The Perfect Circle

How to rig circle hooks for your particular fishing application.

Fusion Stereo Install

How to install a new Fusion marine stereo and speakers.

Three Ballyhoo Pin Rigs for Dredges

How to rig three different ballyhoo pin rigs to fill your dredge.

How to Build a Kingfish Stinger Rig

How to rig up a blue runner to entice big kingfish.

Rigging The Pakula Shackle Rig

How to rig a versatile hook-set that's built for big fish.

Rigging the Weedless Mullet

How to rig a weedless, swimming mullet to target mahimahi and much more.

Building a Tilefish Chain Rig

How to build a deep-drop rig for golden tilefish that keeps baits down.

Rigging the Saturday-Night Special

How to rig a crimp-free big-game trolling lure.

Building a Simple Sailfish Leader

How to make a simple live-bait leader for South Florida sailfish.

Building a Ballyhoo Teaser Rig

How to rig a durable ballyhoo that's perfect for bait-and-switch sailfishing.