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Keepemwet Fishing

The group known as Keepemwet Fising is excited to expand beyond fly-fishing and introduce Anthony DiGiulian as its new member of the Keepemwet Fishing Ambassador team.

"Tony has demonstrated significant catch-and-release leadership in the offshore, and billfish angling community," the organization states. Learn more about Tony and how he has introduced Keepemwet culture to the ocean fishing scene at

"It is a tremendous honor for me to be asked by Keepemwet Fishing to become part of such a distinguished and accomplished team of ambassadors, volunteers and corporate sponsors," Tony said. "I have been advocating for professional ethics and proper revive and release techniques for more than three decades. For me, Keepemwet is a life philosophy and is directly related to how we treat and respect not only our natural resources, but how we treat and respect other human beings as well. Ethical angling practices, professional responsibility and leadership go hand in hand."

He went on to say "As anglers, we are all responsible for protecting the resource we love and rely on so much. Being a professional and a leader in my industry, I feel I must set the highest ethical standards and example for others at all times, with no exceptions. As humans, we all have the ability to learn and evolve by keeping our minds open to new knowledge and scientific discovery. I am committed to the Keepemwet mission of leading and educating others on the best way to enjoy all the joys fishing has to offer, while having the smallest negative impact on our fisheries. Please give the fish we catch and release every opportunity to survive and spawn so that we can pass our blessings on to the next generation."
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