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FishTrack Launches New iOS App

FishTrack just overhauled its Apple, iOS app and it's now available in the App Store. 

With the new FishTrack iOS app, saltwater anglers can quickly identify productive fishing areas on their mobile device using FishTrack's high-resolution satellite imagery, marine weather, water color, altimetry, currents, moon phase, tide tables, solunar data and much more.  

The latest version of the iOS app features a new interface so anglers can quickly access all of the data they want to see and layer it over an updated base map. The data layers include cloudfree sea surface temperature (SST) charts, high-resolution SST, chlorophyll imagery to find color breaks, true color imagery, points of interest such as wrecks and canyons, bathymetry, current and the app’s most improved feature, the waypoint tool.  

Using the waypoint icon located on the right-hand side of the screen, users can easily save and identify any temperature breaks or convergence areas they find on the app that look particularly fishy. The waypoint tool lets the user name the spot, save the GPS coordinates and record notes about the location. From here, the user can determine how far away the spot is using the app’s distance calculator.

Users can also elect to save the charts for offline use so they can pull up the data when they are fishing offshore and outside of cell range.  

FishTrack iOS App

“It’s a big ocean out there and the FishTrack app lets our users identify potential hot spots before they leave the dock so they are not aimlessly burning fuel while they search for fish,” says FishTrack publisher Charlie Levine. “The new interface is easier to use and the ability to save imagery that you can pull up when you’re out fishing is a big advantage.”  

The new FishTrack App also offers quick access to point-based Buoyweather™ marine forecasts by clicking on the cloud icon located in the main nav menu on the right-hand side of the screen.

The FishTrack app is available for a free download via the App Store, and provides SST data for the entire globe, including more than 85 of the world’s best saltwater fishing destinations. While users can view older SST data for free, a premium subscription ($15/month or $80/year) is required to access the most current charts and utilize all of the tools available. All FishTrack users are encouraged to download the new version which is compatible with the latest Apple iOS software. 

What's New:
  • New interface makes it easier to navigate through tools and layer data 
  • Region selection available via a drop-down menu or you can get to your current location with one click 
  • Create waypoints and marks and label hot spots 
  • Integrated and more versatile offline mode to access saved imagery when out of range 
  • Use the distance calculator to display the miles between any two waypoints and obtain a heading
  • Compatible with iOS 11       

Visit the App Store to download the new app and/or update your existing FishTrack iOS app.