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Buoyweather Introduces 16-day Marine Forecasts

Buoyweather, the popular marine forecasting website and mobile application, has expanded its weather modeling to include 16-day wind and swell forecasts and tide charts for any point offshore, on any ocean. And the new features don’t end there… Buoyweather has also added air temperature, barometric pressure, sky conditions, precipitation, sunrise/sunset times and a moon calendar.

For more than 15 years, Buoyweather has been among the most trusted weather sources for saltwater anglers, cruisers, sailors and mariners because the service has always focused on delivering the most accurate, point-based wind and swell forecasts. Buoyweather’s team of engineers and forecasters has taken that same philosophy to expand the coverage to improve a boater’s experience on the water and keep them out of harm’s way.

Buoyweather’s new forecast model extends those important features to include 16 days of coverage. However, long-time users who prefer the 7-day model they’ve always trusted can still access it by toggling between the two weather models right on the forecast page. Existing Buoyweather subscribers can access their ‘Favorites,’ or those areas where they routinely check weather without any changes. To get the latest mobile version will require an app update.

The 7-day and 16-day forecasts are derived from NOAAs Wavewatch III wave model and the 16-day introduces Buoyweather's proprietary LOLA model. Buoyweather uses both models to produce a written forecast for any lat/lon, along with wind and wave graphs in 6-hour increments. Both models provide accurate forecasts around the world, but long-term forecasts can change over time as weather models update throughout the day, so it’s best to check forecasts repeatedly for the latest information and trip planning.

“Buoyweather engineers and data scientists are continually improving the modeling to provide more weather data and give users choices to help them plan their trips and stay out of bad weather,” says product lead Ben Holtzclaw. “We’ve received very positive feedback on the new 16-day weather forecasts from our users all around the world.”

The new 16-day forecasts are available on the Buoyweather website and iOS mobile application. Users must subscribe to Buoyweather Premium to access all of the new features.

Premium Features on and Buoyweather iOS:
  • 16 days of wind and wave forecasts for any point on any ocean
  • 16-day point-based tide tables
  • Air temperature, barometric pressure, sky conditions, precipitation, sunrise/ sunset, moon phase and moon rise/set
  • Save forecast locations as Favorites
Premium Features on
  • Access to dozens of weather charts, including wave and high-resolution wind
  • Detailed swell and surf forecasts
  • Daily forecast emails
  • Customized weather alerts
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