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Sportfishing frown upon by PR government Fishing Report - July 18, 2020

Date of trip: July 18, 2020
Posted August 14, 2020 by FishTrack Member
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For more than 150 days since covid19, recreational and charter vessels have been banned from navigating in Puerto Rico, only comercial fisherman allowed or vessels would be fined $10,000 governors orders. Summer hits and warm waters started to flow through the island, locals knew big blues were roaming the shelf. Hotels, big fashion malls, recreational centers and everything that isn’t marine related were allowed slowly to open. Frustration starting to show from locals and visitors who fish 2 to 3 times a year. People started to talk and joke around with hitting the waters quietly without making too much noise to stay low from government officials. Few vessels started to hire comercial fisherman to just be on the boat with the license others looked for other ways fishing from smaller islands. What happened did not happen, waters were quiet no boats on site and conditions perfect. Small boats on the west had days with double digit raises of blue marlin, smaller fish but consistent in bites. On the Far East shelf pockets of temperature change were noticeable and filled with life. Enough was waited we needed the smell of diesel. We found our fix, female Atlantic blues aggressively entering the spread and biting hard nothing out of the ordinary from a July moon. We are still not able to fish but hopes are up September to November show promises in opening back again and the fishing looks better than ever.

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