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Record Tilefish in Texas Fishing Report - June 03, 2014

Date of trip: June 03, 2014
Posted June 05, 2014 by FishTrack Member
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The Booby Trap headed out on a deep dropping trip for Swordfish and a little dropping for Tilefish, Barrel fish and Grouper this past week. The swordfishing was good and ended up releasing 4 nice swords.

The real target of this trip was deep water tiles and grouper. The yellow edge grouper are a favorite with tilefish right in there as far as table fare. The barrel fish ( Black Drift Fish) are also a favorite and put up a good fight all the way to the surface. These fish are targeted in 900-1400' of water so it can be time consuming filling the boxes. If there were ever a true purpose to use electric reels this is it. Hand cranking the tiles and grouper from 1000' plus is not a lot of fun but seeing the rod double up with some great eating fish is a blast. Hand cranking these deep water fish makes for a long day that's for sure but we do it on accession .

We target them a few times a year to stock up the freezer between our swordfishing and marlin adventures. After 30 years of deep dropping I never get tired of seeing these very cool fish hit the surface. Holding on the spot and running back to the cockpit to see whats popping up is still exciting to our entire crew. Its always a lot of fun to put our guest on these deep water critters and you never know what your about to see as they approach the surface.

Tilefish and deep water grouper fishing in the gulf is a fast growing sport. Just a few years ago it was rare for us to see a single boat even attempting the deep drops off Texas. Now its favorite among many Gulf Coast fisherman. This past trip Guest angler Mikey Parsons caught the new unrestricted gear Tilefish Texas State Record while fishing with us on our 52' Viking express "Booby Trap".

The Tilefish realistically is not a monster by any means but defiantly a nice one. We have landed numerous Tilefish over the years that would have hit the scales between 40-50 lbs but never focused on tilefish records. Mikey actually caught a larger tilefish on a trip he took with us last season but it was fileted and not recorded. Mikeys tilefish that is now the new pending Texas State Record was 43" long and weighed 33.8 lbs. This tilefish was a fish has already been introduced to the BBQ pit.

Capt. Brett Holden

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