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Puerto Vallarta fishing Fishing Report - September 02, 2020

Date of trip: September 02, 2020
Posted September 08, 2020 by FishTrack Member
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The Puerto Vallarta fishing report here for September. There's not much to report in the way of fishing other than we see a lot more bait accumulating here in the bay and water temperature steadily Rising. When you have an accumulation of large bait balls and great feeding temperatures for the pelagic fish are in Puerto Vallarta it only means one thing great fishing. The last couple of days the fishing grounds here in Puerto Vallarta are close to being open again.

The only thing that's holding us back I'm getting out there and catching a lot of these Marlin, sailfish, tuna, and mahi-mahi is the local guidelines that have been set forth by The Mexican government. Since the Coronavirus has begun spreading here we've had to voluntarily shut our business down. Puerto Vallarta fishing charters were one of the first companies to opt all not taking their clients out and returning the deposit to them.

The September fishing this always spectacular here in Puerto Vallarta. As I stated earlier we do start to see a lot more bait in the bay and water temperatures along with really nice dark blue water. With this kind of condition the fish will be here and where hopefully start seeing some clients after this coronavirus has been solved.

Here and Puerto Vallarta they have taken very strict guidelines to prevent the spread and so far so good. They're still only a few cases and Puerto Vallarta and the entire state. That's great news as Guadalajara with the second-largest city in Mexico which is in Jalisco the same state as Puerto Vallarta. We will be watching very carefully as there has been a steady increase and other parts of the country the Coronavirus. We will be praying for the folks up north for our clients' family and friends and of course also people here in Mexico. Hoping everybody is staying safe and we're all looking forward to getting back to some normalcy. I know everyone is anxious to give back to their Sports such as baseball basketball and of course deep sea fishing offshore.

Hoping I'll see everyone on the water soon.
Stay safe
Captain Pete and Crews

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