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Naira Repeats Victory in Aruba Fishing Report - October 22, 2017

Date of trip: October 22, 2017
Posted October 24, 2017 by FishTrack Member
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The Naira repeated their victory by scoring 2,000 points in three days, including a Grand Slam bonus on Day Three. They had two blue marlin, four white marlin and one sailfish released in three days of fishing. This is the third year in a row that the Naira has been victorious in the Aruba Caribbean Cup!

In second place was Eric Mansur’s Alina with 1700 points. They had three blues, one white and five sailfish for the tournament. After taking the lead on Day Two, Tara finished in third place with 1500 points.

In the Top Angler category it was Yilson Iriarte from the Naira in first place with 900 points. He’s followed by Kanmar Kleinmoedig, representing the Just Us team, also with 900 points. In third was Christian Mansur fishing on the Alina with 800 points.

For the event there were 64 billfish releases: 17 blue marlin, 23 white marlin and 24 sailfish, all on 30-pound test line and non-offset circle hooks. There was on Grand Slams recorded by the Naira on the last day of fishing.

2017 Presidential Aruba Caribbean Cup Final Results
Top Three Boats Top Three Anglers
Naira – 2000 Yilson Iriarte - 900
Alina – 1700 Kanmar Kleinmoedig 900
Tara - 1500 Christian Mansur 800

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