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East Cape - Double your pleasure Fishing Report - October 14, 2014

Date of trip: October 14, 2014
Posted October 14, 2014 by Jen Wren
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East Cape - Double your pleasure
Since my rant last week SJD airport has opened and even though flights are limited things are getting back to normal on the East Cape. Hats off to Tim Hodges and his group for sticking with it and working his way through the maze. The Tim L. Hodges group was on the first plane to land since the storm. They were greeted with a celebration including mariachis at the airport upon landing.

Our weather has been spectacular as the season changes from summer to fall. Water temps have dropped a few degrees to 84ish degrees. I have to smirk saying" dropped off" because 84 is still almost bath like. In any event, the breeze we enjoy from the South is starting to turn to the North and air temperatures are cooling.

The outstanding bill fishing we have enjoyed all season has come to a halt. Sailfish have disappeared, a marlin or two are being picked off each day but it is more the exception than the rule. Most action and our best bet right now is to run to the San Luis bank. It is not my preference to make the 40 mile run to the South but it has been the only game in town and very fruitful Tuna fishing has been very good drifting sardines on the bank and most boats have been picking off a wahoo or two trolling marauders or ballyhoo.

The Jen Wren live webcam has been building more viewers all time. During Odile we did not lose internet and views went through the roof. The page has become so popular we have decided to double your pleasure and installed a second camera pointed the opposite direction. This will provide a view of sunrise over the Sea of Cortez. Please check it out at: If it is not up when you look it should be sometime today.

It is just a month away and this is last call for anybody interested in a trip to Mag Bay. We have openings starting November 15th. The place is very remote and it takes a commitment to get there but the boat camping is fun and the reward of insane fishing makes the effort worthwhile.

Mark Rayor
US cell 310 308 5841

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