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Casa Vieja Lodg Fishing Report - March 01, 2019

Date of trip: March 01, 2019
Posted March 01, 2019 by FishTrack Member
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See What's Out There
Casa Vieja Lodge has teamed up with Costa del Mar Sunglasses to bring the first ever Angler Trial Lens Program to the fleet. Seven of our boats will have a box of six Costa Sunglasses each with a different color lens, for you to test while out fishing. It’s one thing to try on a pair of these awesome Costas in a retail store, but now you get to experience it while fishing so you can truly see what’s out there, and why all of our mates and captains are seeing the fish before you!

Light conditions are constantly changing. To get the most out of Costa Lenses, it's important to choose the right color. The six lens colors on-board range from low-light like dawn to extremely bright light with blinding glare.

For offshore, blue mirror is the way to go. For freshwater and inshore, green mirror and copper are great options. For low light at dawn or dusk, sunrise silver mirror is perfect. Gray lenses are the best choice for everyday activities. Of course, the best way for you to decide is to consider your environment.

Ask the Lodge Manager or your Captain for more information, and once you find the right lens you can purchase them in your favorite frame at our Lodge gift shop, La Tiendita, or online at Costa del Mar.

Tournament Time
Tournament season in Florida is under way for many of our anglers, and for others up north it’s on the horizon. There’s no better place to put your practice in than Guatemala. With an average of 12-15 Pacific Sailfish raises per boat, per day, this is your ultimate batting cage. Don’t let the first time you step up to bat be in a tournament setting! Book your crew some dates and join us for Spring Training held March through May down at Casa Vieja Lodge.

Join us for our 2019 Father’s Day Fishing Frenzy June 14-16th at Casa Vieja Lodge. Give Dad what he really wants this Father’s Day and join in on the action. Teams may consist of both friends and family, but higher points will be given for double and triple sailfish releases that include dad! We have 4 boats remaining in the tournament. June also boasts higher marlin releases and dad definitely won’t complain about that!

The 2019 No Sancocho Sailfish Shootout, on November 7-9th, boasts the most fun with the best company around. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is as for every Sancocho, or missed bite, $20 is donated to local schools in San Jose. The 2018 tournament raised over $40,000 and went towards a leg saving surgery for Poco Loco Sr. Mate Johnny Ramirez's 10 year-old daughter, Natasha, who is doing amazingly well!

2019 Raising Bills
On Saturday, February 16th, Casa Vieja Lodge, along with Cummins, Contender Boats, Sportsman Adventures, Bob Hewes Boats, Capt. Harry's, Costa, and YETI hosted the third annual Raising Bills to benefit The Billfish Foundation.

Raising Bills is a laid back time on the water with key industry leaders and VIP clients. Filled with libations, great food, impressive raffle items, phenomenal entertainment provided by the Jay Valor Band, and most importantly the stellar individuals that come together after a few hard days work at the boat show and donate to something bigger is what it's really about! That evening we also celebrated milestones with the 25th anniversary of Sportsman Adventures, 100th anniversary of Cummins, and later this year will be the 35th anniversary of Contender Boats.

With seven raffle buckets to choose from, with items from Costa, YETI, Hatch, XTRATUF, Sportsman Adventures, Garmin, Troll Pro, and ROFFs, and donations from the door we collectively were able to raise $5,500 to benefit The Billfish Foundation. Thank you to everyone involved and we look forward to Raising even more Bills in 2020!

Fishing Highlights
This February, our Snowbirds enjoyed warm weather, cold drinks and excellent fishing! We had quite the spread this month with double-digit sailfish, blue marlin, striped marlin, tuna, mahi-mahi, rooster fish, and grouper! But don't worry, you still have time to get in on the action. Luckily for you, the fishing in Guatemala is great year-round!

If you are pondering ways to make your group stand out, then remember you can work with the Miami Office and order custom shirts from either Simms or Vapor, or even custom YETIs and make your trip that much more memorable.

We want to wish a special hola to the Cathey Group who came down this month, as they just love our newsletter, so cheers to you all! At any point if you are looking for last minute dates, don't wait for this newsletter, you can chat online, call our office, or send us a quick email. We understand that sometimes you wake up and just need to go fishing, we will assist you!

Check out the impressive numbers below:

February 5th-27th, the Finest Kind (40’ Whiticar) with Capt. Nicho Alvarenga, had 400 raises, 348 bites, and 242 sailfish releases plus 6 marlin raises, 5 marlin bites, 3 marlin releases (1 Striped Marlin), and 8 mahi-mahi.
February 5th-27th, the Release (37' Merritt) with Capt. Chico Alvarenga, had 429 raises, 362 bites, and 250 sailfish releases plus 8 marlin raises, 3 marlin bites, 1 marlin release, tuna, and 15 mahi-mahi!
February 5th-27th, the Rum Line (40' Gamefisherman) with Capt. Chris Sheeder, had 433 raises, 365 bites, and 227 sailfish releases plus 5 marlin raises, 3 marlin bites, 2 Striped Marlin releases, 2 tuna, and 5 mahi-mahi.
February 6th-27th, the Afinity (39' Billy Knowles) with Capt. Nico Melendrez, had 364 raises, 301 bites, and 208 sailfish releases plus 6 marlin raises, 4 marlin bites, 3 marlin releases, 3 tuna, and 13 mahi-mahi.
February 6th-27th, the Spindrift (38’ Stolper) with Capt. Efrain Rizzo, had 283 raises, 232 bites, and 161 sailfish releases plus 1 marlin raise, 1 marlin bite, 1 marlin release, 5 tuna, and 5 mahi-mahi.
February 6th-27th, the El Cadejo (35' Contender) with Capt. Benji Bairez, had 243 raises, 167 bites, and 103 sailfish releases plus 1 marlin raise, 1 marlin bite, 4 tuna, and 6 mahi-mahi.
February 6th-27th, the Makaira (37’ Rybovich) with Capt. Jason Brice, had 287 raises, 253 bites, and 162 sailfish releases plus 8 marlin raises, 6 marlin bites, 6 marlin releases (1 Striped Marlin), 3 tuna, 11 mahi-mahi, and 1 wahoo.
February 8th-18th, the Intensity (37' Gamefisherman) with Capt. Mike Sheeder, had 122 raises, 105 bites, and 53 sailfish releases plus 2 tuna and 4 mahi-mahi.
February 9th-27th, the Poco Loco (44? Kincheloe Nickerson) with Capt. David Salazar/Capt. Terry Brennan, had 229 raises, 178 bites, and 119 sailfish releases plus 2 marlin raises, 2 marlin bites, 1 marlin release, 11 tuna, and 4 mahi-mahi.
February 16th-27th, the Pez Raton (35' Contender) with Capt. Franz Hoffman, had 132 raises, 101 bites, and 53 sailfish releases plus 3 marlin raises, 2 marlin bites, 8 mahi-mahi, 4 grouper, and 1 rooster fish!
The numbers above are a combination of conventional and fly fishing.
You can find our DAILY fishing reports on our website HERE. Enjoy!

Last Minute Openings, call NOW to reserve:
(305) 854-4665 /
March 13-14-15: Pez Raton (35' Contender)
March 20-21-22: Poco Loco (44' Kincheloe Nickerson)
April 1-2-3: Release (37' Merritt)
April 8-9-10: Spindrift (38' Stolper)
April 16-17-18: Makaira (37' Rybovich)
March 22-23: London Fly Fishing Fair- Booth 75
April 26-28: NRA Annual Convention- Booth 5270

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