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Booby Trap Swordfishing Fishing Report - October 14, 2013

Date of trip: October 14, 2013
Posted October 14, 2013 by FishTrack Member
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We hit the swordfishing grounds late Wednesday and the bite was pretty good. We made 4 drops and caught 4 small swordfish. Nick caught 2, Hunter 1 and Barry 1. The swords were biting but pretty small so we picked up and ran to another area and first drop we had a good wack within about 5 seconds. It was the first good bite of the day. The next wack was harder and then we were Tight! Barry was in the chair. We ended up with the big swordfish on the wire 3 times. Each time I let the wire go the sword took a pile of line. Barry stayed tough and didn't call me any names through out the entire fight even though I dumped the leader twice . With deer season coming we were on a meat haul mission so this sword was going in the box for sure. Finally the big swordfish gave in and Barry had landed his second swordfish of the trip (325 plus lbs) and the 5th swordfish of the day. We cleaned up and prepared for the night bite. That evening everyone stayed up catching tuna in the lights until Matt hooked up with a big swordfish he fought over 2 hours but that one ended up pulling the hook. The next morning we decided to finish up the trip getting tight on grouper. We filled up the box with Yellow edge ,tile fish and longtail sea bass then called it and early day and made the run back to Surfside Marina. What a great trip with some great guys!

Miles has started on the video and Ill get it posted ASAP. Nick, Hunter Barry thanks for all the support and hope ton get all of you fellas back out on another trip soon! Get Tight Suckas! This video should be GOOD Nick and Hunter kept us laughing the entire trip!

Here are a few pictures from the trip. Ill get a few more up later...

Brett Holden/Capt. Ahab

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