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Black Marlin, Pacific Blue Marlin, Pacific Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado Fishing Report - August 31, 2017

Date of trip: August 31, 2017
Posted September 01, 2017 by FishTrack Member
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We’ve experienced both heavy rains and splendid sunshine this week. The seas have been calm for most days, however, guests are finding the odd day of choppy water because of the wind bringing in a new batch of rain.

As the sunshine breaks through the clouds in the afternoon it has been a common sight to see the Bertram’s returning to the dock with multiple flags flying and loads of excitement. The offshore bite is on! Anglers are being thrown off the dock daily for their first Marlin dock swim. And the Blue and Black Marlin have had anglers working hard for their prize. Sailfish have continued to show up in between Marlin bites often with multiple hook ups. The Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado have been loads of fun. Yellowfin Tuna have been busting the surface in feeding frenzies and our trophy-sized Tropic Star Dorado have been a common catch.

Steve and Luanne Bozeman joined us from Texas for their second trip to Tropic Star Lodge. Luanne caught her first Blue Marlin with us last year and so this year she brought down her friend, Missy Baum, to share in the action. Both ladies are avid anglers and travel all over to enjoy their passion of fishing and meeting other fellow anglers. On day-one the group released three Blue Marlin and a Pacific Sailfish in addition to catching multiple Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado. Over the course of the four days the fishing trio continued to release billfish and catch Yellowfin and Dorado with fantastic stories and photos to match. On the last day Steve Bozeman, who let the ladies catch all the Marlin, had his turn on the rod and released his first Pacific Blue Marlin of 450 lb.

The Simone family met at Tropic Star Lodge for a family vacation in the jungle. Three generations fished together on Miss America as team “Panama Fishing Ninjas” and everyone in the family released a first! Granddad, Steve, released his first ever Black Marlin of 450 lb and a big Yellowfin of 180 lb. Dad, Brian, released his first Blue Marlin of 380 lb, Grandma, Debbie, released her first Blue Marlin of 250 lb and mom, Nicole, released her first Pacific Sailfish of 80 lb. However, the best angler of the boat and for the week was seven-and-a-half-year-old, Conor Simone, who released his first ever billfish, a Sailfish of 80 lb! On one of the days out the Simone family released a boat grand slam! We had so much fun experiencing the week with the Simones.

Tim and Nancy Llacuna from Florida joined us in the jungle for a week together on the water. The couple has enjoyed fishing together for over twenty-five years. Nancy was after her first Marlin and Tim was after his Black. On day one the couple came back with big grins as both released a Blue Marlin both around 350 lb. As the week progressed the duo released many more billfish and Nancy released her first Black Marlin of 300 lb. The very next day the two also achieved a boat grand slam when Nancy released her second Black Marlin of the week coming in at 450 lb. It was a ton of fun spending time with the couple, especially on international Rum day when I got to enjoy a Ron Zacapa with Tim and all the ladies at the Lodge celebrated with some well-deserved wine. In the end, Nancy surpassed her goal by releasing a Blue Marlin plus two Black Marlin and Tim had great fun catching Blue Marlin. The Llacunas now have a good excuse to come back so Time can get his Black Marlin and we’re happy for that. See you two very soon!

A fun group of eleven friends who are business partners and their employees joined us for a team building trip. This team trip included 11 guys swopping out between five boats over four days, loads of beers, fun, and fish. Out of the 11 men, ten released their first Marlin with many releasing multiple. Some of the more memorable stories was Davis Marxey, who after a late evening of birthday celebrations, told us he would do a backflip off the dock and swim butterfly to the beach if he caught a Marlin. Well… Neptune called him on it and the very next day he released his first Blue Marlin of 350 lb and, just as promised, he performed his backflip off the dock and swam butterfly stroke to the beach. Hi form was right on point. On the first day out, Alejandro Ponzio and Heath Jenkins had a great day but didn’t feel so well so after they both released their first Blue Marlin at 300 lb and 350 lb by 10am they decided to come in and enjoy the Lodge and our Pina Coladas. Donny Brewer was very excited after he had released his first Marlin, a Blue of 350 lb, early in the week but he added to his excitement when he released a gorgeous Black Marlin of 450 lb. No one received louder cheers from the guys on awards night than Donnie’s grandfather, 83-year-old Jack Brewer, who released his first Blue Marlin of 350 lb! This group is always so much fun and we can’t wait to see them back.

The Pacella family visited us from south Florida for some family fun. Both Blake and Morgan are passionate fisherman who love spending time on the water chasing anything that bites; but on this particular trip it was all about the Marlin and the other species we have up on offer. Morgan really wanted to try for a large Cubera Snapper but as Neptune is the only one to decide he instead hooked up to a Black Marlin of 400 lb on the Zane Grey Reef while trolling for his snapper. Morgan, in just four days, managed to release his first Pacific Sailfish, Blue Marlin, and Black Marlin! His brother, Blake, also released his first Pacific and Blue Marlin of 350 lb. Mom and dad, Nicole and Dan, were also in on the action. Nicole released her Pacific Blue Marlin of 450 lb. Each family member released a Marlin which included an awesome grand slam on day-one with one Black Marlin, two Blue Marlin, and two Sailfish. The Pacellas also caught a few giant Dorado, a couple coming in at around the 50 lb mark, and more than a few Yellowfin Tuna.

With the offshore bite so explosive the merriment and fun was contagious back at the Lodge. Everyone was celebrating firsts or recalling stories of the thrilling feeling of being hooked up to Her Majesty. The entire group bonded and many friendships were made and the Tropic Star Family grew a little more. It was sad saying our goodbyes at the end of such a great week but that also meant more guests would be arriving to share in the wonderful fishery so many can call home.

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