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65kg GT Tagged and Released Fishing Report - October 05, 2015

Date of trip: October 05, 2015
Posted October 05, 2015 by FishTrack Member
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Since I first fished an Orion Mr Joe i have been in love with the lures garage produced in France by one of the pioneers of Top Water fishing Eric Le Guyader.

Eric has been chasing GT's for over 20 years and fished pretty much every destination holding a Caranx possible. Despite the gentleman's vast experience & International recognition he remains one of the nicest humble blokes i have had to pleasure to fish with & best of all is totally open and happy to receive feedback on his lures. I have to add that he is also a fishing machine casting massive lures non stop all day every day!

He arrived for Reef Raiders with a variety of proto's based on endless conversations we had on the previous trip and via email. Small 30g 'Oman Pop's' for in the inshore fishing and a newly updated edition of a proto he bought along last time called 'Twister' which is similar to the Plug tropic (Sub surface Stickbait) and has a wicked action.

Half way through the trip something very special happened when a dinosaur GT smashed the Twister and Eric was on to a fish of a lifetime which with all his know how was boated with relative ease.
I have had many proud moments running No Boundaries but for my fishing idol to come here and land his biggest ever GT after 20 years trying pretty much tops it all.

Eric kindly hanged up the special lure on the No Boundaries wall of fame and needless to say i think the final testing for the lure is complete. Congratulations Eric, my absolute pleasure to welcome you here again & enjoy spending time out on the water together.

Unfortunately not the greatest pic from Eric's simple point & shoot but Eric is a giant of a man and this fish was something very special with incredible girth.

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