Fish Finder

FishTrack's Fish Finder provides the ideal water temperature range for the most sought-after offshore game fish, a list of hot spots and the best baits and techniques to maximize your time on the water. Learn more about the habitat and characteristics of your target species and use the distribution column to identify the best locations to find a particular species. Then consult FishTrack's SST charts to investigate the latest conditions, including water temp, chlorophyll concentrations, true color images, current, altimetry, bathymetry, marine weather, tide tables and moon phase. Don't fish blind. FishTrack provides everything you need to pinpoint the best spot to wet a line.

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Best Baits
Albacore Tuna
Temp: 60-66°F
Avg Length: 100 cm
Record Weight: 88 lbs
Found worldwide in tropical, subtropical and temperate oceans.
Live bait, trolling lures and jigs, surface iron, cut bait and chunk bait
Bigeye Tuna
Temp: 66-78°F
Avg Length: 180 cm
Record Weight: 392 lbs
Warm temperate waters in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Trolled lures, rigged dead baits, spreader bars, chunk baits, squid and live bait including menhaden, mackerel and herring
Black Marlin
Temp: 72-86°F
Avg Length: 380 cm
Record Weight: 1,560 lbs
Tropical waters in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Denser near islands and structure.
Live bait, including small tunas, mackerel, queenfish and scad, skip baits, trolling lures, bait-and-switch
Blue Marlin
Temp: 70-86°F
Avg Length: 290 cm
Record Weight: 1,805 lbs
Tropical and subtropical waters in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.
Live baits including small tunas and mackerel, skip baits, trolling lures, bait-and-switch, pitch-baiting
Bluefin Tuna
Temp: 60-86°F
Avg Length: 200 cm
Record Weight: 1,496 lbs
Subtropical and temperate waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. Subsets include Pacific bluefin and Southern bluefin.
Chunking with dead mackerel, menhaden, herring or squid, slow-trolling live bait, trolling offshore lures and cedar plugs, fishing behind commercial herring and scallop boats
King Mackerel
Temp: 68-84°F
Avg Length: 70 cm
Record Weight: 93 lbs
Western Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, usually found in water form 10 to 20 fathoms. This migratory fish is very seasonal and can be found from Maine to Brazil.
Slow-trolling or drifting live baits, trolling strip baits, swimming lures, plugs and jigs, chunking and chumming, casting small to medium-sized live baits
Longbill Spearfish
Temp: 70-86°F
Avg Length: 165 cm
Record Weight: 127 lbs
Found in Atlantic temperate and tropical regions, most common to the Western Atlantic.
Rigged dead baits, dead bait/lure combos, trolling lures, live bait and strip baits
Mahi Mahi
Temp: 68+°F
Avg Length: 100 cm
Record Weight: 87 lbs
Pelagic and migratory, found in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide.
Trolling lures, rigged ballyhoo, chunk baits when schooled up, targeting flotsam, live bait, targeting weed lines, kite fishing, stick baits
Mako Shark
Temp: 61-73°F
Avg Length: 270 cm
Record Weight: 1,221 lbs
Worldwide in tropical and temperate seas.
Live baits including mackerel, scad, and menhaden, chumming and chunking, trolling with dead bait or lures, slow-trolling live bait
Temp: 70-83°F
Avg Length: 240 cm
Record Weight: 221 lbs
Warm and temperate waters worldwide. Pelagic and migratory but caught in lesser depths than other billfish and closer to shore.
Dead ballyhoo, dredges, live bait including goggle-eyes, threadfin herring, and pilchards, trolling lures, skip baits, split-tail mullet, fly-fishing, bait-and-switch
Shortbill Spearfish
Temp: 70-86°F
Avg Length: 190 cm
Record Weight: 110 lbs
Tropical and temperate regions of the Indian and Pacific Oceans but has been captured in the Atlantic Ocean west of the Cape of Good Hope.
Trolling lures, trolling rigged natural baits, strip baits, live bait, bait-and-switch and fly-fishing
Striped Marlin
Temp: 70-86°F
Avg Length: 290 cm
Record Weight: 494 lbs
Tropical to temperate waters in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
Live bait including mackerel, scad, caballito and squid, trolling lures, bait-and-switch, pitch-baiting
Temp: 41-80°F
Avg Length: 300 cm
Record Weight: 1,182 lbs
Worldwide in temperate and tropical oceanic and continental shelf waters from the surface to depths of more than 500 fathoms.
Deep drifting squid, bonito or live bait at night, daytime deep-dropping, casting live baits to fish spotted on the surface during the day
Temp: 70-86°F
Avg Length: 170 cm
Record Weight: 184 lbs
Found in tropical and warm temperate waters worldwide. Oceanic and pelagic, prefers drop offs and edges. Comes onto reefs and shallower waters in clear conditions.
Live bait, high-speed trolling lures with weight or wire lire, rigged natural baits, stick baits
White Marlin
Temp: 71+°F
Avg Length: 210 cm
Record Weight: 181 lbs
Found in the Atlantic Ocean, from 45°N - 45°S in western Atlantic and down to 35°S in eastern Atlantic.
Trolling naked ballyhoo, dredges, trolling lures, bait-and-switch, pitch-baiting
Yellowfin Tuna
Temp: 64-88°F
Avg Length: 150 cm
Record Weight: 405 lbs
Found in deep tropical, subtropical and warm temperate waters.
Live bait, including small tunas, goggle-eyes or caballitos, mackerel and anchovies, squid, trolling lures, rigged dead baits, chunking, kite fishing