• Published:February 3, 2021
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Sharks still rule the roost.

A recent video captured by extreme fisherman and television personality Matt Watson shows a big swordfish get taken down by a mako shark.
Matt took the video while fishing off of his native New Zealand. The waters off of the Bay of Islands in the North Island of New Zealand are some of the most storied swordfish grounds in sport fishing. Matt, who likes to do things the 'hard way' was handlining the swordfish, when the fish makes an incredible leap, doing a summersault and shakes free of the hook. However, the swordfish was still on the surface and apparently trying to free the bait from its gullet, or perhaps it didn't know that
it had freed itself. Either way, Matt and his crew were able to motor over to the fish and get a tag in it. Unfortunately this tag would not do much for the scientific community, because what occurred next was one of the coolest shark attacks I've seen in a long time. A beast of a mako shark calmly appears alongside the dazed swordfish and just mauls it. The shark went right for the swordfish's tale, basically taking out the swordie's motor. That's where all of the fish's horsepower is. To see this shark remove the swordfish's tail in a display of raw power is seriously impressive. Swordfish are shaped like cigars. They don't really taper out like many other game fish. They're pure muscle, and incredibly strong swimmers. However, the tail is also the swordfish's Achilles' heel. Once the tail is removed, the shark just swims in circles, waiting for the swordfish to die. Rather than risk the chance of getting whacked with a bill, the mako knows its won the battle and just waits out its victory meal.
"Swordfish are shaped like cigars. They don't taper out like many other game fish. They're pure muscle, and incredibly strong swimmers."
But is the mako shark really stronger than a swordfish? This is not a fair fight. The swordfish was tired and worn out from battling a handline from the deeps. But I'd have to give it up to the mako as being a smarter hunter. Why bother trying to chase down a swordfish when you can let Matt do it for you? Either way, this is an incredible video and I congratulate Matt for capturing it, and thank him for sharing it. To see more of Matt's adventures, check out his television show at theultimatefishingshow.com.