• Published:April 10, 2017
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FishTrack and Buoyweather are proud to announce a new partnership with The Billfish Foundation to offer discounts as an incentive for joining TBF.

Any new members or those who renew their membership to TBF at the Sailfish Level or higher will qualify for discounts to FishTrack and/or Buoyweather. Those who sign up for a Blue Marlin or Chairman's Club membership to TBF will receive a free one-year subscription, valued at $80.

“TBF and its members do so much to help us conserve billfish stocks and better understand the migration patterns of these fish so we can protect them,” says Charlie Levine, Editor and Publisher of FishTrack and Buoyweather. “We’re happy to give members a discount to our services as a way of saying thanks for supporting TBF.”

FishTrack offers everything anglers need to catch more fish, including sea-surface temperature charts for the world’s best offshore fishing locations, cholorophyl imagery, altimetry, ocean currents, moon phase, tides and a database of articles on rigging, fishing tips and proven techniques. Buoyweather provides boaters with point-based, accurate wind and swell forecasts for the entire globe.

Founded in 1986 TBF has grown to be the largest international billfish tagging program in the world. TBF’s initial focus was on research and educational programs. In 1990, TBF’s focus was expanded to include advocacy for responsible fisheries management, recognizing that influencing decision makers with sound science was a crucial step in successful billfish conservation.
Since its inception, TBF has been central to the following:

  • Advancement and improvement of stock assessments for Atlantic and Pacific billfish ·       Transition of the recreational billfish fishery to catch/tag/release 

  • Management and conservation regulations that prohibit the commercial retention and sale of Atlantic billfish in the U.S. 

  • Socio-economic studies to establish a value for billfish species left alive in the water 

  • Scientific conference that brought scientists from around the world to focus on the role billfish serve in the ecosystem

  • Area closed to longline gear to protect crucial nursery habitat for fish and sea turtles ·       Adoption of the use of non-offset circle hooks

  • Prohibition of the commercial retention and sale of marlin in Peru

  • Agreement with Central American nations to develop a comprehensive management plan for billfish and other species that migrate throughout the eastern Pacific region

  • Advancement of stock assessment methodology science for all highly migratory fish (TBF leads the world in this research)

  • Development and maintenance of the world’s largest, most comprehensive private international billfish database

  • Implementation of regulations moderating the commercial tuna and swordfish longline and purse seine vessels, which represent a major source of billfish mortality   

TBF is a nonprofit organization and relies on its membership and donors to continue growing and protecting billfish. The foundation offers several levels of membership. Those who enter at the Sailfish Level, White Marlin Level and Striped Marlin will receive 50 percent off FishTrack or Buoyweather. Those who are Blue Marlin and Chairman’s Club level will receive a free one-year subscription to FishTrack and Buoyweather. To get your discount, become a TBF member now.