• Published:April 21, 2015
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Utilizing satellite imagery and sea surface temperature charts helps anglers find more fish. Everyone knows that, but of all the SST services out there, some are better than others. A recent article by Florida Sport Fishing calls FishTrack.com the top choice for SST fishing charts, weather services and more.

In the May/June 2015 issue of Florida Sport Fishing, the magazine talks about FishTrack in an article about the benefits of using satellite imagery to help you find fish entitled “Don’t Be the Blind Squirrel: Optimize Your Time Offshore with Data Rich Satellite Imagery.”

“The advent and availability of satellite imagery makes finding potential hot spots much easier,” writes the author, Capt. Steve Dougherty. “…Terrafin, Clearpoint, ROFFS and Hilton’s Real-Time Navigator all produce data rich imagery and relay important oceanographic conditions, but for its simplicity, organization of key elements and layering abilities I prefer FishTrack.com. They also operate Surfline.com and Buoyweather.com, so by visiting one website I can access all of the most accurate, real-time ocean forecasts from the nation’s leading meteorologists and forecasters.”

Dougherty has actively used FishTrack’s SST charts and weather since the site launched in 2012. As a tournament angler fishing the South Florida sailfish circuit as well as the Bahamas and Gulf of Mexico, Dougherty knows first-hand how important quality SST charts, weather and ocean currents are when researching the spots he wants to target.

“To hear Steve Dougherty say he prefers FishTrack over the competition means we are doing something right,” says Charlie Levine, FishTrack Editor and Publisher. “The FishTrack team has worked extremely hard to provide anglers with all of the tools necessary to help them find more fish. This article validates the FishTrack product and the team’s time put in to develop it.”

To help their audience understand how to use SST charts, Florida Sport Fishing published several of FishTrack’s recent SST charts to display temperature breaks and color breaks.  FishTrack uses a network of three satellites, MODIS, AVHRR and VIIRS, to give anglers the best possible options when investigating the latest marine conditions and when you factor in the cost of a FishTrack premium membership vs the cost of aimlessly burning fuel offshore, it makes a lot of sense to be a premium user.

“Accessing the premium data and detailed imagery from MODIS, AVHRR and VIIRS satellites costs less than a pack of ballyhoo for a monthly subscription,” Dougherty writes. “Conditions can change significantly in only a few hours, so it’s highly beneficial these satellites transmit multiple images a day to provide the best possible picture of offshore water temperature and chlorophyll concentration levels. Some even provide updated imagery every 90 minutes.”
For its simplicity, organization of key elements and layering abilities I prefer FishTrack.com."
Capt. Steve Dougherty

The article then dives into the subject of interpreting the data found on FishTrack.com’s SST charts to help you find fish. Several factors come into play when hunting for offshore game fish, including water temperature and clarity, location of structure, sea surface height, current direction, wind strength and direction, tides, moon phase, moonrise and moonset. All of these factors and more greatly influence the movements of offshore game fish, and FishTrack provides all of this data. And as Dougherty notes in the article, all of this data is available to anglers on the go thanks to the mobile app that FishTrack launched earlier this year.
However, if you’re just starting to use SST charts Dougherty suggests you keep it simple and focus on sea surface temperature, chlorophyll and structure. Find good clean water that is the ideal temperature over structure, and odds are the billfish, tuna and dorado won’t be far behind.

To read the Florida Sport Fishing article in its entirety, click here or pick up the May/June 2015 issue by visiting floridasportfishing.com.