• Published:September 23, 2016
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Competition was tight in the 63rd annual International Billfish Tournament of Club NĂ¡utico de San Juan.

After the final tally was complete, the visiting boat AD/HD from Palm Beach, Florida, and the local San Juan, Puerto Rico, boat Sea Dream won top honors in the International Billfish Tournament (IBT). Both AD/HD and Sea Dream released five billfish over the course of the tournament to score 1,250 points. Another San Juan boat, the Panama Jack, finished with 750 points, releasing three billfish.

Harry Lamont from Palm Beach won the coveted honor of best angler overall and top visiting angler scoring three releases. Lamont also won recognition for fishing with the best visiting boat and best boat overall. In second place was Puerto Rico angler Alberto Regis, also with three releases, including two on the last fishing day on Sea Dream. Osvaldo de León finished in third place with two marlin.

Tournament chairman Salvador Egea, Jr. said he was excited with the tournament results, the true nature of the competition and the robust participation of 44 international anglers, mostly from the United States as well as the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Venezuela and Costa Rica. Egea fished aboard the Panama Jack boat which came in third place in the boat division.

In the female division, Ana Maldonado on the Lala and Glaline Cruz on the Beach Bum each released fish on the last day of the tournament. Maldonado won the Best Lady Angler award since she was the first to release her fish.

The much sought after International Team award went to United States 09 with anglers Harris Lamont, Carey Chen and Mark Wodlinger with four releases, followed by Club Nautico de San Juan 06 with Ricardo Jaen, Manolo Matienzo and Alexie Barbosa with three releases and Dominican Republic 01 with Osvaldo de Leon, Tomas Irizarry and Alma Taveras.

In the interclub division, San Juan Bay Marina with Jose Diaz Umpierre, Manuel Hernandez Faure and Eduardo Rodriguez Pinero earned the top place with 500 points, followed by CNSJ 12 with Felix del Rio, Federico Stubbe and Jose Vicente, and the West Palm Beach Fishing Club 04 with Louis Hammond, Bruce Sher and Miguel Santiago Garcia (250).
“It was a tournament filled with lots of action, great participation and camaraderie. Sharing with so many anglers, and friends of Puerto Rico from different parts of the world,” Egea said.

The scoreboard tallied 58 releases in four fishing days with 15, 13, 12, and 18 releases on each day of the competition. Participation accounted for 194 anglers on 47 boats.

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