How to Tie the FG Knot

This streamlined line-to-leader connection slips through rod guides with ease.
KJ Robinson

Pacific anglers love using the FG Knot when throwing big plugs at giant trevally. This low-profile, braid-to-mono connection will cast smoothly through the rod guides and still allow you to use a longer leader. The FG Knot (we still don't know why it's called that) is the go-to knot when fishing with braided line and a mono leader. Text and photos by KJ Robinson.

To start tying the FG Knot, gather the ends of the main braided line coming from the tip of your rod and the section of mono you plan to use for your leader.
Fold the main line across the leader, leaving at least a foot of tag end.
Wrap your braided main line around the leader once.
Take the end of the braid that's wrapped highest up the leader and bring it back around under the opposite end.
Tighten the braid and slide the wraps together on the leader.
Now bring the other end of the main line around the leader as you did with the first wrap.
After completing your wrap around the leader, slide the braid into place snugly against the previous wraps.
Continue your wraps up the leader, using alternating ends of the braid. Don't use more than 10 wraps.
The main line must now be tightened to the leader and cinched down. Bite down on the tag end of the leader as you pull tight on the two main line ends. You should do this twice to make sure the wraps are evenly tightened as you build your FG Knot.
You'll want to limit the length of wrapped braid on the leader. The knot should be one inch long at most. Once you've tightened down the wraps, take your tag end and finish the knot with a half-hitch around both the leader and the main line.
Repeat with six tight half-hitches over both main line and leader to secure the knot.
Now tie six half-hitches around the main line using the tag end of the braid.
Trim the tag end of the leader close to the knot.
Then trim the tag end of the braid. Finish with a lighter to clean up the cut ends if you want, but this isn't critical to the knot's integrity. The finished knot offers a solid line-to-line connection that will easily run through your rod guides.

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