Free Fishing Widget Steps

FishTrack now offers free SST widgets to place on your fishing/charter website.

If you know the offshore location lat/lon of the widget you would like to create, you can create an sst widget now. Or, simply follow the instructions below and you'll have the power of FishTrack's SST charts and marine weather forecasting tools on your site!

Step 1: Find your Spot

Making your free fishing widget is easy. Begin by visiting any FishTrack regional SST fishing charts page and place the orange bullseye in the center of the screen over the location where you would like to center your widget. Once you have the bullseye in the proper location click "Add Widget" in the top right of the screen.

Step 2: Name it

Pick a name for the widget and also let us know where it is going to live.

Step 3: Add the code to your site

We'll email you a code snippet (it's a one line Javascript) that you copy and paste anywhere on your site. There are a couple of options to your free fishing widget that the uber-nerds will probably want to tinker with, but we'll let the egg-heads figure those out themselves.

Step 4. That's it!

Now visitors to your site will be able to enjoy your free fishing widget and the power of FishTrack.