How to Rigging Instructions for Lures

Low Tide Lowdown

How to fish winter's extreme low tides for redfish, trout and snook.

On the Run Again

How to prepare for the end-of-the-year run of striped bass.

Build Your Own Flashabou Skirts

How to make a lure skirt out of Flashabou.

Anatomy of a Trolling Lure

Learn the various offshore lure shapes and how to fish them.

VIDEO: How to Sharpen a J Hook

The five-plane sharpening system gets the job done.

VIDEO: How to Rig A Planer

Learn how to set up your planer to troll lures or baits below the surface.

Bull Buster

Tips to locate bull redfish in the Mississippi Delta.

Light-Tackle Lure Rigging

Learn Capt. Tim Richardson's method for rigging smaller trolling lures.

Hang Tight

How to properly wire big fish.

Mastering Mahi

Understanding mahimahi feeding habits will improve your catch.

Break Point

Peter Pakula discusses hook point alignment in skirted trolling lures.

Single Hook vs Double Hooks

Is it better to run trolling lures with one hook or two?

How to Make a Hawaiian Bait Fly

This fly is used to catch live baits off of Hawaii and beyond.

VIDEO: Dark Side Down

A pro tip on how to get the most out of your trolling lures.

The Heat Shrink Double Hook-Set

Learn how to make a lure hook-set that can be fished stiff or swinging.