How to Instructions for Tying Knots

Bimini Variations

Take a different twist when using the Bimini to create a double-line in braid or mono.

Video: Quick Snell Knot

Learn how to tie a snell knot that won't come undone.

Tying the Twisted Dropper Loop

This dropper loops works well when making daisy chains or fishing baits off the bottom.

Adjustable Weight Rig

This rig makes it easy to add or remove weights in a matter of seconds.

Using a Plait to Top Shot Reels

Learn how to use a plait to spool on a new top shot of mono.

How to Tie a Plait

The plait is used to create a double line to connect the main line to the leader.

The Versatile Snell Knot

How to use this simple knot in three different ways.

Rigging Black's Clips for Tag Lines

How to set up Black's Outrigger Clips to use on tag lines.

Quick Tip: Bucket Spool Up

Load your reels fast and efficiently with this tip.

Top 10 Fishing Knots

Learn to tie these knots and you'll be set for any fishing situation.

Top-Shot Tips

Use this tried-and-true topshot technique to keep your line fresh.

Dropper Loop

This quick knot is great for bottom fishing or making your own Sabiki rigs.

VIDEO: Attaching a Wind-On

Learn how to properly attach a wind-on leader to your double line.

Surgeon's Loop

Use the Surgeon's Loop whenever you need to make a quick loop that won't slip.

Spider Hitch

Learn how to make a quick double line with the Spider Hitch knot.