How to Rigging Instructions for Dead Bait

Toothy Critter Ballyhoo Rig

Catch more wahoo and mackerel with this ballyhoo rig.

How To Rig a Squid for Swordfish

Use this simple swordfish rig to catch a big broadbill.

From Ocean to Plate

This fillet didn't last long, watch how pros catch, clean and prepare fresh mahimahi.

Guatemala Circle Hook Rig

This ballyhoo rig was the first one to use a circle hook effectively.


How to make bite-proof connections so your catch won't get away.

How To Make a Panama Strip

This tutorial shows you how to create a deadly strip bait from a bonito.

Ballyhoo Plug for Mutton

Learn how to rig a simple albeit deadly mutton snapper bait.

How To Rig a Trolling Eel

This old-school dead bait will liven up your trolling spread.

Spanish Mackerel O-Ring Rig

Rig this Spanish mackerel O-ring pitch bait on a circle hook and hang on.

How To Rig A Swimming Scad

This swimming scad is a mainstay in the spread when targeting big black marlin in Australia.

Balls-Out Mahi

Targeting lobster pot balls for mahi-mahi in the Mid-Atlantic produces hot action.

Rigging A Wahoo Skip Bait

Learn how to make a big skip bait out of a wahoo.

VIDEO: How to Select Ballyhoo

Look for these subtle differences when buying frozen ballyhoo.

Night Moves

Take down tuna on an overnight trip to the canyons.

How to Prep Big Baits

Follow these steps to care for your baits so they don't wash out.