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Sea Surface Temperature Seminar

On September 25, Charlie Levine will host a free seminar at the historic West Palm Beach Fishing Club, explaining the basics of satellite imagery and how anglers can use this information to help them find more fish.

Satellite imagery provides a wide range of data for offshore anglers looking to cash in on a hot bite. Water temperature, water color, altimetry, currents and tide are the main indicators used to help anglers locate fish. Using this data is simple thanks to providers like, however, it takes a little bit of a learning curve to understand the data and how it can lead to more productive days on the water.

In his seminar, Charlie will explain how to find temperature breaks, color breaks and read the current to locate potential fishing hot spots for mahimahi, tuna, wahoo and billfish. The audience will be encouraged to ask questions about this information and Charlie will do his best to provide useful answers. Everyone who attends the event will be given a free 30-day trial to FishTrack Premium.

“When looking at water temps and color breaks, it’s all about the convergence zones,” Charlie says. “These are the areas where cooler water meets warmer water, or dirty water meets cleaner water. Those zones are typically where you will start to find life.”

At the conclusion of his seminar, Charlie will do a reading from his recently publishing fishing book, “Sucked Dry: The Struggle is Reel.”

The seminar begins at 7 p.m. at the WPBFC Clubhouse located at 201 5th St. in West Palm Beach, Florida. For more information visit