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Trip to the Azores Fishing Report - July 19, 2017

Date of trip: July 19, 2017
Posted October 12, 2017 by FishTrack Member
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At the beginning of July we made a lightning trip to São Miguel Island in the Azores.
The trip was decided on time, with the intention of breaking the routine, making a long weekend. It was so good !!! We had already calculated that the Azores were fantastic and that the trip was to know optimally, but it was able to surpass all expectations!
The tranquility, peace and landscapes of a breathtaking beauty have been placing this archipelago in the mouths of the world.
We love the grilled limpets, the barnacles, the stew of the furnas and the pasty cakes.
The trip was marked by a day spent fishing (my wife is passionate about fishing), in which we had so much fun and caught so much fish, not to mention that we still see enough dolphins. We hire the services of a specialized company which we recommend to all lovers of fishing and the sea in general. Kisses, I hope you enjoyed my testimony.

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