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Three Kings Monsters Fishing Report - March 18, 2016

Date of trip: March 18, 2016
Posted March 18, 2016 by FishTrack Member
  • Herewini's Huge 55kg Bass 1 of 4
  • Lance struggling to hold his monster king 2 of 4
  • John's 36kg Bass 3 of 4
  • Dave's 34kg Bass 4 of 4
Hi all, we have been blessed with stunning weather and even better fishing over the last few weeks with the Kings producing some true monsters of the deep, our latest group a keen bunch of boys from Auckland. The bottom fishing doesn't get much better, the biggest bass going a massive 55kg's on the scales alongside some nice Bluenose and Hapuka, all three coming from the same spots. While the Kingis proved to be frustrating at times, perseverance and a different approach worked well, the biggest Kingis falling to whole Skipjack Tuna. Despite this P.B.'s were still broken proving just how special the Kings can be. Till next week cheers, - Phil.
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