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Offshore Bite Fishing Report - September 14, 2018

Date of trip: September 14, 2018
Posted September 14, 2018 by FishTrack Member
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The off season continues in Galapagos but with some good water currents there has been some success with striped marlin in the past few days. The bite in Manta has been on and off the last week due to changing currents. Water ins Peru are producing huge wahoo 2 to 8 miles off the beach.

Galapagos Islands
San Cristobal Island:
September 8, 2018– We sent out Captain Gus Hernandez and the crew of On The Hook to test the waters of 0-30 Bank after last week’s success. Water had cooled down a little but there were still a fe striped marlin around. They managed to raise 8 striped marlin and get 4 bites and release 2. Seas were about 4 foot chops but bearable.

Captain Andres Calero has arrived with his new boat which we will have pictures and more info soon to begin fishing just shortly. This will be a nice addition to a very prominent fishery.

Fishing in general slowed down the last few days in Manta with a current pushing North. Most boats experienced 0 to 2 raises of marlin this past week.

Punta Sal:
Juan Pablo Testino has been reporting very large wahoo in the 80 to 100 plus lbs range the last week fishing just 2 to 8 miles offshore. water is a bit cold for marlin but there have been yellowfin tuna and wahoo reported.

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