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Naira Takes the Lead on Day One Fishing Report - October 21, 2016

Date of trip: October 21, 2016
Posted October 22, 2016 by FishTrack Member
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After a great first day of fishing, the Naira grabbed an early lead in the 2016 Presidential Aruba Caribbean Cup presented by the Aruba Airport Authority. Naira, led by owner and captain Bincho Mansur, caught a grand slam on Day One, consisting of a blue marlin, a white marlin and sailfish. The grand slam netted them a 100-point bonus and they added two more white marlin releases right before lines out to bring their total 2,200 points. Team Priority fishing on Driftwood finished the day in second place. The team had a busy hour of fishing midday, releasing two white marlin, one at 12:44 p.m. and the second at 1:42 p.m. Their two-fish total earned 1,000 points. Living Easy who caught the first marlin of the tournament landed their second white just before 3 p.m. This brought their daily total to 1,000 points, to put them in third place right behind Driftwood based on time.

In the angler standings, Carlos Isaza is ahead of the pack with 1,200 points. Carlos caught a blue, a white and a sail on Naira, netting him a grand slam! Anthony Pinzon finished the day in second place, scoring 1,000 points on Living Easy. Ten anglers finished the day tied with 500 points each.

All told, the 19 boats fishing released 17 billfish, including two blue marlin, 12 white marlin and three sailfish. There are still two days remaining in the tournament and anything can happen!

There are a number of great prizes available in a silent auction tonight! Prizes include Squidnation Lure Packs, Momoi Fishing Line, The Billfish Foundation apparel, High Performance Tee-Shirts, Grander Lures and much more. All proceeds benefit The Billfish Foundation. The large live auction will take place at the Award’s Banquet.

For those who are flying out of Aruba later in the week, please check the departure schedule posted on the white board at the marina and let Joan know if you have any changes. Don’t forget: you clear US Customs in Aruba and the lines can be pretty long — you should be at the airport a minimum of 2.5 hours prior to your flight.

You can follow the fishing action via the live scoring at Visit the tournament’s website for updates throughout the event.

Presidential Aruba Caribbean Cup Day One Results

Top Three Boats: Top Anglers:
Naira: 2,200 pts Carlos Isaza: 1,200 pts
Driftwood: 1,000 pts Anthony Pinzon: 1,000 pts
Living Easy: 1,000 pts Rolando Paskel: 500 pts

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