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Fishing Report! - March 31, 2017

Date of trip: March 31, 2017
Posted April 06, 2017 by FishTrack Member
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Gold Coast Offshore
With the recent huge swell , 45 knot winds and torrential rain.... I would be contemplating fishing for Snapper on my next early morning trip offshore. The Snapper love hanging out and feeding on the close reefs in on the 18 and 24fathoms after a huge blow and big seas. Get out there early in the morning, find yourself some nice gravel with plenty of bait down on it and start fishing with very lightly weighted Pilchards or livies. After the Snapper bite is over, take off your sinkers and start fishing non weighted Pillies for Mackerel and Yellowfin Tuna, as this is the time of the year that it all starts to happen. Chop up heaps of Pillies and continue throwing the Berley into the water behind your boat, cast you baits directly into the Berley trail at the same time and let our plenty of loose line. Fishing with Baitrunners works awesome in this type of fishing. Trolling after that maybe worth a try with WA Pilchards on weighted gang hooks and trolling as slow as possible over the bait schools and Mackerel schools on your sounder. If you want to catch a feed of Dolphin fish or a Black Marlin, you may have to head out to the outside edge of the 36 or 50fathom reefs to find some clean water and bait. Out further there have been a few Blue Marlin, Wahoo and Dolphinfish around the Riviera Grounds and Jims Mountain, out in 500meters deep. The picture of the Spanish Mackeral in this report was caught by 8yo Tom Edwards who is a young cancer survivor. He caught this fish using 10lb braid and leader. Was an awesome effort on light line and one that most adult anglers would be proud of. Was an awesome experience to be part of, such a great effort. Well done Tom!!

Northern Broadwater
When the Pin area experiences as much rain as we have in the past week it would be easy to write fishing off all together. But working in a tackle shop we get to meet the die hard anglers ( including ourselves )who will make the best of a situation. If you are one of these guys you would know that the fresh water and rough weather will bring the Jewies on the bite in the Pin Bar. Live baits around the tide changes is always the best. The freshwater will sit on the top of the saltwater so even when it looks like the tide is running out all the time, the salt water will be pushing in under the fresh. It would be a fair call to say that the first fishos that are out there after the weather breaks will be the ones who can take advantage of the Jew bite. Crabs are always worth a mention as they love a good rain and plenty have been caught in pots all week.

Rain has forced all the bait out of the system into the Seaway and deeper holes close to the Seaway and at river mouths. Fish don't stop eating because its raining but they will be harder to target as the extreme conditions need extreme tactics to catch them. Just remember that the fish will go deep. If you are fishing the Seaway expect Jew, Sharks, Bream and maybe even some decent sized Snapper to be the most common fish. Fish with either livebaits, WA Pilchards, White Pilchards or fish fillets like Mullet, Tailor, Slimmies etc. All of these species love rough conditions. Crabs at the mouths of the creeks like the Pimpama and Coombabah will be a smart target species. Place your pots on the deeper corners and holes and check regularly as floating debris can get stuck in your pots. Baits like mullet and fish frames are the best always.

Southern Gold Coast
Rock fishing is extremely dangerous in the rough conditions that we have been experiencing, however the Tweed Bar has alot of bait as well as Jewfish, Trevally and Bream. If you are land based use extreme caution and stay away from the breaking swell. The same goes for boat Fishos, be safe in these conditions. Once again crabs are going to be your best option and pretty much all the deep holes in the tweed will have muddies. Offshore will be a no go for a while until the swell and winds abate, but when you can get out there it's often the first boats to hit the reefs will find good quality snapper in close. This is a normal thing to happen after big swells and early morning fishing live yakkas can be the best way to get them.

It's all in the title 'Freshwater'. Yep it's everywhere. Where do all the fish go in these crazy conditions. Some might say out to sea, but Australian freshwater species are amazingly resilient and will find little back eddys in a river system to hold up and rest. Clear Island Waters will have bass at the mouth of every feeder creek and I have had some epic sessions in running water, for them. Take a rain coat. Hinze dam is a right off and would be very surprised if it wasn't closed for a while. Look for Talapia in the drains, Golf Course Bunkers and slow flowing streams after the flood has subsided. Best baits are worms and shrimp, but they will also attack susface and subsurface lures around 40-60mm.
Whats on.

Thankyou and be safe out on the water.
Doug Burts Tackle World Gold Coast.

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