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East Cape - The good, the bad and the ugly Fishing Report - October 27, 2014

Date of trip: October 27, 2014
Posted October 27, 2014 by Jen Wren
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East Cape - The good, the bad and the ugly

The good:
As hard as it might be fishermen traveling to Los Cabos have persisted in finding a way to get here. When Los Cabos airport opened on October 8th the first planes in were loaded with fishermen headed to the East Cape and the flow has continued ever since. Lynn Rose's East Cape Classic was attended by 40 teams, the Los Cabos off shore tournament had 81 teams, the Bisbee Black and Blue had 127 teams and the prediction is the WON tuna tournament will have more than 120 teams.
Also very good has been our weather. The humidity of summer has vanished and air temps have become very comfortable. The off shore breeze has transitioned from south to north but has been just a breeze. The bone chilling, teeth rattling north wind has not arrived. Wind surfers and kite boarders are starting to arrive for the winds but will just have to wait as fishermen are enjoying the flat seas. Our water is still 83-84 degrees and a gorgeous blue.
The Sea of Cortez is teaming with life and we are sighting, turtles, mantas, whales, porpoise and schooling bait everyday. Bait has been easy to get. After a 2 year absence sardines have returned. Ballyhoo and caballitos have also been plentiful.

The bad:
I hate to beat a dead horse but airlines are still canceling flights. I find it unconscionable that without explanation or an alternative the airline can just ruin patrons vacations that have been planned for months and months. We had guests arriving November 23rd and US Air just said sorry Charlie we are not flying. It sends a message to potential visitors that maybe they should not come. The good people of Baja work hard to promote tourism that benefits the airlines and the airlines turn right around and discourage travel to this destination. East Cape's bread and butter are fishermen and like I said they are finding a way. It is San Jose and Cabo San Lucas that attract more than fishermen that are suffering.

The ugly:
The bite has been very tough. Most boats are only having one or two events each day and if it doesn't go your way it is easy to get skunked. From what I am hearing it is the whole southern region not just East Cape. We have been working hard and have been able to scratch out a few nice fish but it is definitely not the constant action that we are accustomed to. Like Arnold they will be back. It is just tough right now.

Here is a link to a youtube posted by Tim Hodges whose group was the first to arrive. The whole thing is very cool but it starts out with the celebration by the airport employees as they arrived [url][/url]
This youtube was put together by Accurate Jack Nilsen during the East Cape Classic. He captured some great stuff [url][/url]
Thanks to Tim and Jack for putting these fun videos together.

Mark Rayor
US cell 310 308 5841

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