Cozumel and Cancun Fishing Report

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Cozumel Swordfish Fishing Report - November 19, 2013

Date of trip: November 19, 2013
Posted November 21, 2013 by FishTrack Member
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This just in from Capt. RJ Boyle:

Mexican Swordfish!!!! Cozumel...Playa Del Carmen...What an experience this was. One knot of current, flat calm, ONE MILE FROM THE HOTEL? Ridiculousness... marking swords on the machine at will?? C'mon Man! We were here to fish with Lenin Gonzales, Harry, and Hector who have been telling me about this for months. They are great fishermen. We came to organize an international swordfish tournament and get the lay of the land.... Insane..more to come on the IN THE SPREAD page about the tournament shortly.

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