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“Costa Rica Blue Marlin Fly Fishing School”, July 1, to 5, 2019 Fishing Report - July 02, 2019

Date of trip: July 02, 2019
Posted July 09, 2019 by FishTrack Member
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My fiend/client, Forrest Young, along with his son Frank Young, and Frank’s wife, Chelsey Young, all from Marathon Florida, arrived here at my condo, in the Los Suenos Resort, yesterday to join one of my “Costa Rica Blue Marlin Fly Fishing Schools”. This will be Forrest’s 4th trip out to the FADs, here aboard the vessel “Dragon Fly” with Captain James Smith, along with his Mates Berto & Bernie, however it will be the first trip for Chelsie and Frank. We had a swim in the pool this morning, then had lunch down at the marina village, and then we arrived at the marina at 2:45 pm. The boat was running and after my anglers boarded, they headed offshore at 3:00 pm. Captain James began trolling 30 minutes later, then at 6:15 pm it got too dark to see the teasers and by 7:00 pm dinner was served, everyone was asleep by 8:00 PM.

July 2, 2019; Breakfast and hot Costa Rican coffee was served at 5:15 am and teasers were deployed at the same time. Fishing felt slow however at the end of the day the total score was 6 Blue Marlin raised, producing three bites, with 3 Blue Marlin caught and released, which is an excellent bite to catch percentage.

July 3, 2019; Fishing started at 5:15 with the first Blue Marlin raised at? There was a lot of action today with 15 Blue Marlin raised, 7 bites, with 6 awesome Blue Marlin caught using TFO Blue Water Heavy Duty fly rods, Mako #9700 fly reels, Cortland fly lines, my 14-inch large pink & white floating tube marlin flies, with IGFA 20-pound class tippet. Another great percentage of bites to catch ratio.

July 4, 2019; Today after breakfast, Forrest caught the first bite, a red-hot Blue Marlin. Then later Chelsey and Frank each caught a hot Blue Marlin. At 6:15 it was too dark to fish and the Dragin Fly started heading back to the Los Suenos Marina, dinner was served, and at 8:00 everyone was asleep. The final score today was 6 Blue Marlin raised, 3 total bites, with 3 Blue Marlin caught and released.

The total score for this three day “Costa Rica Blue Marlin Fly-Fishing School” was 27 Blue Marlin raised, 13 of them bit, while 12 total Blue Marlin were caught and released using IGFA rules with 20-pound test class tippet. Congratulations to Frank, Chelsey, and Forrest Young on catching 12 out of 13 bites, excellent percentage, also to Captain James Smith, along with his awesome Mates Berto and Bernie, one of the best fly-fishing crews I have ever seen. Stay tuned for more fly-fishing reports from Costa Rica coming soon, I love my Job, wish you were here.


-Jake Jordan’s Fishing Adventures
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