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Costa Rica Blue Marlin Fly Fishing Fishing Report - June 23, 2019

Date of trip: June 23, 2019
Posted July 01, 2019 by FishTrack Member
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June 23,2019:
Danny Cline, my friend and client from West Virginia arrived at my condo in Los Suenos at 2:30 today. This week will be his first of two “Costa Rica Blue Marlin Fly Fishing School” trips to fly fish for Blue Marlin on the FAD’s here in Costa Rica. We swam in my pool, used the hot tub took a nap, and ordered dinner from the Hook-up delivered to the condo. We went to sleep by 9:00 pm.

June 24,2019:
Breakfast at Hook-Up at 8:00 am then 30 minutes in the hot tub before 4 hours in my office catching up on business and phone calls. Danny and I packed, I checked out and rigged tackle, and then we had a late lunch. At 2:45 pm we arrived at the vessel “Dragin Fly” at the Los Suenos Marina where Captain James Smith along with mates Berto and Bernie had the boat running and ready to depart. We pulled teasers until dark as the “Dragin Fly” plowed along at 9 knots heading out to sea. We ate dinner at 7:00 pm and were in bed by 8:00 pm.

June 25, 2019:
We awoke at 4:55 to the smell of fresh brewed Costa Rican coffee and breakfast cooking. We cleaned up and by 5:20 am we had the teasers out, we were fly-fishing for Blue Marlin on a FAD, 115 miles at sea. At 7:30 am, after not raising any marlin, we began trolling southwest along a ridge line toward another FAD about 7 miles away. At 9:01 we raised a fish but no bite, stayed at this FAD, no other boats, for 45 minutes then began trolling our teasers southeast along a ridge line toward a FAD 38 miles away. At 11:59 we raised a big blue marlin; I made the cast and that fish ate it at full speed. The marlin went deep and kept taking line for almost a minute, when he jumped 250 yards away, he went 15 foot in the air and upon re-entry broke the 20-pound class tippet and was gone. At 12:14 pm Danny hooked a red hot, Blue Marlin, his fish stayed on top, kept jumping and again broke the class tippet far away from the boat. Raised a marlin at 12:50 that would not bite. At 1:17 we raised another Blue Marlin, it teased in but would not eat our fly. Then at 1:38 we raised a double, a marlin and a sailfish, the sailfish ate my fly and then we tried for Danny to hook the Blue. After a minute or two the marlin left, and we chased the sailfish, then the sailfish went crazy jumping and dislodged the hook and I lost him. Feeling snake bit. The next fish to come up was a Blue Marlin at 3:02 pm, it swam around the fly long enough for me to re-cast 5 times however would not touch my fly. We raised two more Blues in the next 15 minutes, but they again would not eat, getting frustrating, changed to a Blue fly and changed hats, see what happens. At 4:42 we raised a Blue which teased halfway to the boat, Danny made a good cast, but that fish faded away with little interest. All day today the wind was under 10 knots, the seas were calm with a 3-foot swell twenty seconds apart, with blue skies, no clouds and bright sunshine. The water temperature was 84.5 degrees and the air temperature 85 degrees, perfect, beautiful, day, however at 5:00 pm we have not yet caught a marlin. At 6:02 pm we are experiencing the most awesome sunset 150 miles offshore from Costa Rica, still fishing until we can’t see the teasers. Tonight, Bernie prepared from scratch a delicious tomato based, meat sauce for our linguine, served with garlic bread. Went to bed in calm seas at 8:00pm, today’s score was 9 Blue Marlin and 2 Sailfish raised, 3 bites, and no fish caught, (tough day) better Tomorrow!

June 26, 2019:
Danny Cline and I woke up at 4:50 am to the engines starting up to pull the sea anchor. Bernie already had coffee brewing and eggs cooking as we deployed the teasers at 5:15 am. At 7:05 a red-hot Blue Marlin came up on the left long teaser, Danny made a good cast and that marlin climbed all over the fly. Danny fought that marlin valiantly for 43 minutes on IGFA 20-pound class tippet, before catching it at 7:48 am. Berto grabbed that marlin, removed the hook & fly, then released a magnificent 150-pound Blue Marlin, our first of this trip and first of today. At 10:02 we broke out the TFO Axiom, 10 weight fly rod, rigged with a TFO #3 Atoll, fly reel, and a TFO WF-10-F fly line by Cortland, with a 12 pound IGFA class tippet and a chartreuse/ white Clouser minnow fly. James put the “Dragin Fly” directly over the FAD so I made a 40-foot cast. Bam a 4-pound yellowfin tuna was caught; Danny Cline was next, and we rotated with each tuna until we had 8 for sashimi and fresh tuna for lunch. Danny, on his last cast hooked and landed a 3-pound fish, called Bonita (locally) or Albie in NC, anyway by 10:20 am Danny has landed a 150-pound Blue Marlin, a Yellowfin Tuna, and an Albie, on fly using all IGFA rules and class tippet. Maybe some kind of slam? We continued to fish this location until 11:30 am, lots of bait and marlin on the machine but they would not rise. We began to troll to a new sea mount about 40 miles away so we fished the ridge then would run fast as we crossed the canyon to this new FAD, hopefully they will be more aggressive. We found a floating log at 2:50pm circled it and found lots of Dorado, a red hot 250-270 Blue charged in and ate Danny’s fly at 3:01, forty-two minutes later Danny Cline landed his second marlin of the day. After the release we proceeded to catch 3 nice dorado on fly, they were between 10 and 20 pounds each. The next Blue Marlin we raised was a smaller one, it ran down 50 feet and shook its heat, the hook came out at 4:10 pm. At 4:20 while Danny was resting, I hooked a 250-300-pound Blue Marlin, it was a hot fish and stayed up doing a lot of jumps. We chased it and I got within 10 foot of the leader then it went down. After15 minutes more it came up jumping, again I wound several hundred yards of backing and running line onto my #9700 Mako fly reel and was pumping and winding while James backed down. We were 10 foot from the leader, the big marlin was lit up on the surface, and as I closed that distance to the catch, the marlin surged and I watched the 20-pound leader break, my big marlin was gone at 5:00 pm. I was tired and weak, but my back held up fine. At 6:25 pm it got too dark to see our teasers, so we stopped fishing, deployed the sea anchor, and took our showers. Dinner tonight is grilled ribeye steaks with garlic mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables, excellent meal. At 8:00 pm we went to sleep! Today’s score was 4 Blue Marlin and a Striped raised, all 4 Blues ate our fly, we pulled the hook on one, broke off a big one, Danny Cline caught and released 2 awesome Blues. We each caught several nice sized Dorado and small yellowfin tuna on fly also.

June 27, 2019:
Again, we woke up to calm seas, as Captain James fired up the engines at 4:45 am. The coffee was brewed, and breakfast was cooking. We deployed the teasers at 5:20 am and began our third and final day of fly fishing for Blue Marlin. Bernie served English muffins toasted with fried ham, scrambled eggs and cheese with a side of local link sausage. We raised our first marlin at 7:24 am, it teased in fast and ate Danny’s well placed, fly. That fish went 30 feet and the fly came out, it circled around and followed the fly but lost interest and faded away. Today the weather is changing with dark clouds approaching from the east, air temperature is 78 degrees the wind is from the southwest at 10 knots. It is now 10:00 am, we have not seen a fish since 7:30, it is pouring rain for the last 30 minutes, we are marking bait & Marlin on the machine, but they will not come up for our teasers. Our next fish that came up was a Sailfish at 10:45, it ate Danny’s fly, but the hook came out with only one pound of drag. At 11:50 am a red hot 300 + pound marlin skyrocketed as it ate Danny’s fly, great jumps for 300 yards before the hook came out. As Danny wound the fly back in a small Bonita ate it and Danny landed a one-pound Bonita, on a marlin fly, the fly was longer than the fish!

At 12:05 we raised another Blue, it would not tease in. At 12:30 Danny hooked a nice blue that jumped over 40 times, he got really close to that fish 3 times and then at 1:44 pm Danny Cline landed that awesome 200-hundred-pound blue marlin.

At 2:19 pm while Danny was resting, we raised a Blue Marlin of 130 pounds, I cast my fly to the fish and it ate the fly and took off at warp speed, gray-hounding as it peeled off backing. I wound the leader into the rod tip at 2:28 pm then 2 minutes later Berto removed the fly and released my awesome marlin. At 3:50 we raised a Blue Marlin that did not bite. At 6:15 it got too dark to see the teasers, so we quit and started our 12-hour trip back to Los Suenos. Beautiful weather since the storm passed early this afternoon, clear and calm for the ride home. Our score today was 6 Blue Marlin raised, 4 bites, with 2 caught & released.

The total trip score was 20 Blue Marlin raised, 12 bites, we caught & released 4 awesome Blue Marlin, plus we missed 2 out of 3 sailfish, raised a striped marlin, which did not eat, caught 3 Dorado and 6 Yellowfin Tuna, all on fly. We had a great trip, Danny will be back in about a month to do it again. I love Error! Filename not specified. My Job! Stay tuned for more fly-fishing reports coming soon.


-Jake Jordan’s Fishing Adventures
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