Tuna Features

10 Canyon Planning Tips

It's a long run, but well worth it. Use this checklist to make sure you're prepared.

VIDEO: FishTrack iOS App Tutorial

Learn how to use the the new-and-improved iOS FishTrack App.

Busting Bigeye Tuna

Tips and techniques for targeting bigeye in the canyons.

Targeting New England Giants

How to prepare your boat and gear for catching giant bluefin tuna.

The Return of Puerto Vallarta

A recent 413-pound yellowfin confirms PV as a top tuna town.

Multi-Day Trip Primer

How to prepare for various fishing situations out of Southern California.

Fins Up

Photographer Alistair McGlashan shares his favorite tuna pics.

The End Game

Tips to help you set up your gaffs and release poles.

Key West Wreck Hunting

Fishing the wrecks and shrimp boats off of Key West yields a variety of game fish.

Bluefin Bite is Popping

A range of techniques to hook up with So Cal's summer bluefin.

Yellowfin Tuna Tactics

Pro tips and tricks to put more yellowfin tuna in the box.

C-MAP Hot Spot: Wilmington Canyon

This Mid-Atlantic hot spot is known for its jumbo bigeye tuna.

Fishing the Edge

A logistical approach to planning a big game fishing adventure.

Using SST in the Gulf

Tips to find more fish in the Gulf of Mexico using FishTrack's SST charts.

How to Choose the Perfect Lure

After much research, the best lure to fish offshore is...