Swordfish Features

VIDEO: How to Fillet a Swordfish

Watch a seasoned pro break down a broadbill swordfish.

Video: How to Dress a Swordfish

Join AFTCO for some action-packed inshore fishing in Florida.


Everything you need to know about broadbill swordfish and how to catch them.

Dropping Deep in Australia

Deep dropping is just beginning to hit Australia, but those in the know are cashing in.

Legends of Fishing: Capt. Bouncer Smith

A Q&A with the versatile South Florida captain.

Florida's Nighttime Swordfishing

Tips for experiencing South Florida's other nightlife.

Lit Up Fishing

Deploy lights to attract more fish offshore.

Kiwi Broadbill Swordfish

Deep-dropping for New Zealand's giant swordfish.

Shark vs Swordfish

Which fish is the superior fighter, mako shark or swordfish?

Daytime Swords

Puerto Vallarta Swordfish

Blazing Swords

South Florida daytime swordfish