Big Game Fishing Features

Fishing Tanner Bank

Making the long run to cash in on Southern California's late-season tuna.

Geared Up: November 2014

Browse a collection of top new fishing and boating gear for the serious angler.

Marlin on the Flats

Targeting juvenile black marlin in the shallows off Fraser Island, Australia.

Fishtrack Friday: Go Time

FishTrack's regular roundup of highlights from the social sphere.

CCA Florida: Making a Difference

Sportfishing leaders spread the word about CCA Florida's mission.

POP Yachts' 15 Top Boat Names

Check out the 15 most popular boat names from thousands of POP Yachts listings.

Artist of the Month: Don Ray

Don Ray's realistic marine art draws inspiration directly from nature.

Billfish Identifier

Learn to distinguish between billfish species with this handy guide.

2014 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

See all the new boats, power and electronics that debuted at the Fort Lauderdale Int'l Boat Show.

The Elusive SoCal Blue Marlin

How Capt. Steve Lassley and Anthony Hsieh managed to catch the first blue marlin in So Cal waters in decades.

Top 10 Yellowfin Tuna Spots

Check out some of the best spots in the world to fish for yellowfin tuna.

10 Tips to Winterize Your Boat

Follow these tips on how to winterize your boat for the off-season.

Fishtrack Friday: Taking It Easy

FishTrack's regular roundup of highlights from the social sphere.

Using Sounders to Find Fish

Today's electronics will help you locate fish no matter what the conditions.

Yamaha Helm Master Quad Test Drive

A photo and video tour of Yamaha's new drive system for quad-outboard boats.